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Article about using the optimal temperature to bake polymer clay, without underbaking or burning your projects. By The Blue Bottle Tree.

How to Bake Polymer Clay: Part 2 – Temperature

Today I’m discussing baking temperature and why it’s so important for getting good results with your polymer clay projects. When baking polymer clay, temperature is everything! This article is second in a series on Baking Polymer Clay.  Part 1 of this

Comparison of black inks and markers used for drawing or writing on polymer clay. By The Blue Bottle Tree.

Which Pens to Use on Polymer Clay – A Comparison

Whether you’re marking your signature, adding design elements, or drawing designs, people always want to know which black markers or pens to use on polymer clay. A quick internet search shows that Sharpie markers are the most commonly recommended for

Getzger has sweet dreams as he teaches life lessons to humans.

Things I learned from my cat about life and art

Some of my best lessons in life were learned by watching how my cat Getzger approaches life. Though arguably, he’s not a very wise animal, he lives in such a way that makes me see my own life in a

Translucent polymer clay is different - do you know how to work with it? Learn more in this Translucent Polymer Clay frequently asked questions article at The Blue Bottle Tree.

Translucent Polymer Clay FAQ

Translucent polymer clay captures the interest of polymer clay artists all over the world. Although the instructions for using it are no different than with any polymer clay, there are unique qualities and factors that do affect how you use

School Supplies offer wonderful things for the crafter. Use Pencil Boxes for storage of small things in your craft studio.

Craft Room Storage Boxes

It’s that time of year again, at least here in the US. The school supplies are stocked up in the “seasonal” aisle of the discount stores. And that means it’s time to buy my secret studio organizing weapon, craft room

Underexposed photograph of necklace.

Why are my pictures so dark? -Photography Tip

Taking photographs of your jewelry and beads can be very frustrating. Great small product photography is very important for getting sales on Etsy, Artfire or other online venues. Even if you aren’t selling your work, you likely still want attractive

Polymer clay cane slices of the American Flag by The Blue Bottle Tree

Happy Independence Day

Fifty stars and thirteen stripes are on our flag. Much symbolism there. Today Americans celebrate this most American of days. I will spend it with my English husband, Polish children, and later we’ll have fireworks with our Canadian friends. Wherever

Ceramic tiles can be used in the craft room or art studio. www.TheBlueBottleTree.com

Using Ceramic Tiles with Polymer Clay

In any workshop with any art or craft there are always those objects which we rely on so heavily that we don’t even realize that they’re an indispensable tool. In my studio, that would most certainly be the lowly ceramic

Heavenly blue morning glory flower with the sun shining through it.

Do you have a shower fairy?

When my husband Gary has worked on a frustrating project and is at a standstill and can’t think of a solution, he often remarks that he needs to go visit the shower fairy. For some reason, his subconscious mind goes

Place right in front of my art studio, The Blue Bottle Tree, this metal sculpture was made by my dad, Jim Davis.

New Bottle Tree Sculpture

I’ve been asked, “Do you really have a bottle tree?” Yes, I do. In my back yard I have two of them. They make me happy, simple as that. And because I love them so much I still collect blue

Antiqued Rustic Headpins made from polymer clay by The Blue Bottle Tree, tutorial available

Rustic Components, Earrings, and a Surprise

Rustic Components In the studio, I’ve been busy making more Rustic Components. I am completely and totally in love with the crusty, grungy, antiqued feel of these. Depending on the colors I choose, the pieces can be tribal and exotic, romantic

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