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Polymer clay cane slices of the American Flag by The Blue Bottle Tree

Happy Independence Day

Fifty stars and thirteen stripes are on our flag. Much symbolism there. Today Americans celebrate this most American of days. I will spend it with my English husband, Polish children,

Ceramic tiles can be used in the craft room or art studio.

Using Ceramic Tiles with Polymer Clay

In any workshop with any art or craft there are always those objects which we rely on so heavily that we don’t even realize that they’re an indispensable tool. In

Heavenly blue morning glory flower with the sun shining through it.

Do you have a shower fairy?

When my husband Gary has worked on a frustrating project and is at a standstill and can’t think of a solution, he often remarks that he needs to go visit

Place right in front of my art studio, The Blue Bottle Tree, this metal sculpture was made by my dad, Jim Davis.

New Bottle Tree Sculpture

I’ve been asked, “Do you really have a bottle tree?” Yes, I do. In my back yard I have two of them. They make me happy, simple as that. And

Antiqued Rustic Headpins made from polymer clay by The Blue Bottle Tree, tutorial available

Rustic Components, Earrings, and a Surprise

Rustic Components In the studio, I’ve been busy making more Rustic Components. I am completely and totally in love with the crusty, grungy, antiqued feel of these. Depending on the colors

Box of baby wipes, an indispensable tool in the craft studio by The Blue Bottle Tree

Use Baby Wipes with Polymer Clay

A while back a friend asked me why I had baby wipes (aka diaper wipes) on my grocery list since my youngest child is 14. The simple answer is that

Rustic component connector made from polymer clay in the shape of a camellia for use in jewelry design.

New Rustic Components from Polymer Clay

***Update*** I’m proud to announce that I’ve released the Rustic Beads and Components Tutorial that explains how to make the beads in this post. I’m really pretty proud of it.

Comparison of superfine and regular microbrushes.

Hobby Store Find – Microbrushes

I usually find everything I need at craft, art, and beading stores. But recently I went to a small, local hobby store in search of small gauge metal tubing. This

Necklace display, rectangular, suitable for hanging on the wall.

Necklace Display Wall Hanging

Recently I took part in a casual, informal art show at our church. Most of the works were displayed on the walls. Since my pieces are jewelry, and quite small,

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