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A stack of polymer clay flower canes.

Can You Condition Canes?

Old polymer clay is often crumbly. This is true for canes, too. Can you condition canes without ruining the pattern?

Two small glass bottles containing Darwi Vernis varnish.

Darwi Vernis Gloss Varnish

Darwi Vernish is a thick, glossy polymer clay varnish that works well on polymer clay beads. It’s my favorite for making glass-like, solid creations that don’t flex.

Maker's Magic Gloss sealer 8 fl oz product packaging.

Is Maker’s Magic OK on Polymer Clay?

Maker’s Magic by Scorch Marker is a new clearcoat varnish that’s been heavily advertised on social media. Is Maker’s Magic okay to use on polymer clay? Here’s what I found out when I tried it on seven brands of clay.

100 Days of Polymer Clay Beads

I challenged myself to make polymer clay beads for 100 consecutive days. Here is the result. This was my third 100 day project and in some ways the most fun.

Atlas Pasta Machines Have a New Design

For many years, polymer clay artists have repurposed classic pasta machines to mix, condition, and sheet their polymer clay. While there are many knock-offs and “cheap stuff from China” imitations

12 Polymer Clay Myths

Clear up the confusion and gain accurate knowledge for your polymer clay creations as we debunk these 12 polymer clay myths.

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