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Recent Articles

ImPRESSive Putty – A Review
ImPRESSive Putty is a reusable mold making putty that's perfect for making push molds and texture sheets. It's great with polymer clay, crafts, and DIY fun
Oyumaru, a Reusable Molding Material
Oyumaru thermoplastic from Japan that melts in hot water and can make reusable molds or small charms. It makes good texture stamps for polymer clay.
Attending Synergy4 – Why community is important
What was it like to attend the IPCA's Synergy4 conference? Read my report and find out why I think community and collaboration are so important!
Avoid These Stupid Mistakes in Your Studio!
Let's have a bit of fun. How many of these stupid mistakes have you done? I am SO guilty as charged!
Gloss Levels in Polymer Clay Varnish
Confused by gloss, matte, and satin finishes? Learn about gloss levels in polymer clay varnish and why it matters which one you choose.
Using Alcohol Inks with Polymer Clay
Are you curious about using alcohol inks with polymer clay? Learn what they are, how they're used, and how to use them with Fimo, Premo, Kato, and Sculpey.
Comparing Liquid Polymer Clay Brands as a Coating
What is liquid polymer clay and how does one brand compare to another? Learn about TLS, Liquid Kato, Liquid Fimo, and the new Sculpey Transparent (Clear)
Learn About Polymer Clay in the Essentials eBook
There are plenty project and technique tutorials, but where can you learn about polymer clay as a medium? Learn the technical side and answer your questions
Testing Polymer Clay Sealers
Polymer clay sealers can be sticky, peel off, and turn cloudy. Are you using the best products on your polymer clay projects? Compare over 40 varnishes. Read more....
Holo Tutorial Updated
The Holo Effect Tutorial has been completely overhauled to a new format and I've included three new projects. Make Christmas ornaments, gift tags, earrings, or even journal covers. Learn how to get your copy here...
Understanding Polymer Clay Glaze, Sealer, and Varnish
Confused about all the ways that you can put a glossy coating on your project? Learn about polymer clay glaze, sealer, and varnish options in this article. Read more...
What’s the Best Pasta Machine for Polymer Clay?
So you're new to polymer clay and are ready to buy your first pasta machine. Or you're an experienced clayer[...]
LC Machine Polymer Clay Roller – A Review
The LC Machine is the innovative new polymer clay rolling and sheeting machine from Lucy Clay Tools. Find out what makes it different in this review.
Choosing Silkscreen Designs for Polymer Clay
Consider these factors when choosing silkscreen designs for polymer clay projects. Look at scale, coverage, thread count, and style when buying your screens. Read more...
Jennifer Sorensen – Artist Interview
Jennifer Sorensen of Wishing Well Workshop brings delight to her readers and viewers by sharing the most adorable scenes, fairy[...]
Dream Machine Polymer Clay Roller – A Review
Curious about the Dream Machine polymer clay roller? This review gives an overview of the features and helps you decide if it is the best clay machine. Read more...

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