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Polymer Clay Articles

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Make Your Own Needle Tools

Have you ever wanted to create fine detail in a polymer clay piece but didn’t have the right tools? Toothpicks will work in a pinch, but they only come in one size and the wood can be quite rough. Tutorials

valentine hearts printable, come to site for full res

Valentine Heart Printable ClipArt

I loved Valentine’s Day when I was a kid. I loved cutting out red hearts and gluing them to paper doilies. I loved decorating my box to receive valentines from my classmates. And I loved frosting pink cupcakes and pushing little

Learn about making molds with Amazing Mold Putty vs EasyMold on The Blue Bottle Tree.

Amazing Mold Putty vs EasyMold

Amazing Mold Putty and EasyMold are two very commonly available brands of RTV silicone rubber molding putty. What are the differences between these brands and should you choose one brand over the other? Silicone Rubber Mold Putty is a platinum-cure

And introduction to silicone rubber molds for crafting use.

Silicone Rubber Mold Material, an introduction

Silicone molds are becoming more popular in the craft world and you can very easily make your own. But trying to get information online is overwhelming. There are so many types and kinds of silicone rubber mold material. A trip

I use 91% isopropyl alcohol in my polymer clay studio.

Using Rubbing Alcohol with Crafts

One of my favorite and most used tricks is to use rubbing alcohol in the craft studio. It’s cheap, available, and it just plain works wonders. Read on to see why I like it so much. What is Rubbing Alcohol?

Rustic polymer clay beads and components made with the tutorial by The Blue Bottle Tree.

Rustic Polymer Clay Components

Because of Thanksgiving break here in the US, it’s been a bit of an odd week. We had three work days but school was out today and that meant it felt like a weekend. And even though my husband was

What stories do we tell ourselves about our creativity and our ability? Read "We're Not Crafty People" by The Blue Bottle Tree.

We’re not crafty people…

Last night my 14-year-old daughter had a friend spend the night and the evening’s plans included watching a movie and doing a DIY project from Pinterest. After much discussion they finally picked a project and used my ancient stash of

Review of Patchy Molds for polymer clay by The Blue Bottle Tree.

Patchy Molds by Viva Decor, a Review

Hobby Lobby stores in the US have been carrying more products by Viva Decor and one of the latest new products is the Patchy mold sets. They are a line of flexible, double-sided push molds which simultaneously shape the back

Hobby Lobby stores are now where you can now buy Pardo translucent art clay.

Where to buy Pardo Translucent Art Clay?

Few polymer clay products have created the buzz that Translucent Pardo Art Clay has. It is the clearest brand of polymer clay and it has a reputation for being hard to find. Is that true? Where do you buy Pardo

Polymer clay charms colored with VerDay Paint and Patina by The Blue Bottle Tree.

Testing VerDay Paint & Patina for Bead Chat Magazine

Last month Melinda Orr, the creator of Artisan Whimsy invited me to test VerDay Paint & Patina for the 5×5 Test feature in the October 2013 issue of Bead Chat Magazine.  I have wanted to get my hands on patina paints for

You can soften hard, crumbly polymer clay. But is it worth it? Answers from The Blue Bottle Tree.

Can I soften hard polymer clay?

A reader on my Facebook Page wrote to ask a very good question this morning. Can old, hard, crumbly polymer clay be given new life? You see, for some reason, some brands and formulations of polymer clay get hard and

Article about using the optimal temperature to bake polymer clay, without underbaking or burning your projects. By The Blue Bottle Tree.

How to Bake Polymer Clay: Part 2 – Temperature

Today I’m discussing baking temperature and why it’s so important for getting good results with your polymer clay projects. When baking polymer clay, temperature is everything! This article is second in a series on Baking Polymer Clay.  Part 1 of this

Comparison of black inks and markers used for drawing or writing on polymer clay. By The Blue Bottle Tree.

Which Pens to Use on Polymer Clay – A Comparison

Whether you’re marking your signature, adding design elements, or drawing designs, people always want to know which black markers or pens to use on polymer clay. A quick internet search shows that Sharpie markers are the most commonly recommended for

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