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Polymer Clay Articles

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no sharp object sign for airport security

Traveling with Polymer Clay

Whether you’re flying to a polymer clay retreat or just going to visit relatives and want to bring your clay, it’s easy to wonder what you need to know about traveling with polymer clay. Can you take your polymer clay

How to Leach Polymer Clay

Have you ever opened a brand new package of polymer clay and it was so soft, sticky, and goopy that it was almost liquid? It’s easy to assume that you got a defective bar or that the brand is just

Samples of baked Cernit Pearl

Cernit Pearl – The Sparkly Polymer Clay

Cernit is a Belgian brand of polymer clay with an array of many lines with special features. There is opaque clay (Number One), half-opaque clay (Opaline), Translucent, Metallic, Neon, Nature and you can read about them in this full Cernit

nail powders that can be used with polymer clay

Nail Products for Polymer Clay

In the world of polymer clay, we’ve long “borrowed” art materials and tools from other crafts and activities. From pasta machines to floor scrapers, from oil paints to varnish, we are always looking for new ways to use the materials

Blue faux stone polymer clay earrings made with Watercolor Agate technique.

Pardo Polymer Clay – A Tale of Two Pardos

Pardo Polymer Clay is a brand from Germany that deserves another look. It has a full range of colors, metallics, and translucents. The translucent clays are among the clearest available anywhere.

circles of premo translucent, the right one glowing bright blue

The Hidden Feature in Translucent Polymer Clay

Optical brighteners are fluorescent dyes that take invisible UV light and reflect it back in the visible spectrum. If something contains this dye, you will see it brighter than if it didn’t. This dye is used in laundry detergent, whitening

kato, premo, and ultralight polymer clay with an oven thermometer

Baking Kato over Premo

What temperature should you use when curing Kato Polyclay over Premo polymer clay? The baking temperatures are different.

Conditioning polymer clay

Why do we condition polymer clay?

Contrary to what you have probably heard repeated by others, the reason we need to condition polymer clay before use has nothing to do with strength. (If your polymer clay projects snap or crumble after baking, you have a baking

Great Polymer Clay Studios to Love

When working with polymer clay, it’s wonderful to have your own dedicated workspace. For many, it’s the corner of a bedroom or dining room. Others have dedicated rooms or even spaces outside the home. There are common features in all

Sealing Metal Leaf

Metal leaf adds a golden sparkle to your polymer clay creations. Do you need to seal it? With what? Learn more about using this fun and versatile material.

texture sponges from Nemravka

What is a texture sponge?

I’ve seen a sheet of sponge used to apply texture to the surface of unbaked polymer clay. What is that and why is it used?

Polymer week podcast with Ginger Davis Allman

Interview with Polymer Week and Lucy Struncova

You might remember Lucy Struncova, who is the Lucy behind Lucy Clay Tools (of Czextruder fame). She was a child (just eleven) when she started Lucy Tools with her father. Well, she’s all grown up now and on her own

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