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Cleaning an Atlas Pasta Machine

When Paints Bleed on Polymer Clay

Cernit Alcohol Inks

Fading of Alcohol Inks on Baked Polymer Clay

Varnish Doesn’t Protect Against Fading

Darwi Vernis Spray Varnish on Polymer Clay

Can You Condition Canes?

Darwi Vernis Gloss Varnish

Is Maker’s Magic OK on Polymer Clay?

100 Days of Polymer Clay Beads

Can you use Mod Podge on Polymer Clay?

Dealing with the Creation/Consumption Cycle

Atlas Pasta Machines Have a New Design

12 Polymer Clay Myths

Overrated Polymer Clay Products and Practices

Can you bake metal with polymer clay?

How to Store Polymer Clay Veneers and Slabs

Cracks on the Sides of Polymer Pieces

Dealing with Cracks in Polymer Clay Projects

Sticky Paint or Varnish on Polymer Clay (Always test first!)

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