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Ginger Davis Allman, polymer clay artist and writerWelcome! If you’re interested in achieving polymer clay success, you’re in the right place. I like to say that I’m all about “Learn stuff without the fluff“.

In this website are hundreds of articles that give you accurate information that you can trust. I want to eliminate uncertainty and help you be successful, no matter what your project will be.

There’s information about baking, sealers, clay brands, troubleshooting, and more. Beginners will find info to get started and experts will find trusted info about products and techniques.

In addition to the technical side of polymer clay success, I also feel that it’s important to encourage your growth as a creator. So you’ll find inspiration, encouragement, and a creative ethic here.

Navigating this Website

Here's a quick directory to the favorite articles from The Blue Bottle Tree, the polymer clay information and tutorials website.The fastest way to find information on this website is to use the search box at the top of every page. Not only will you find articles about your specific question, but you’ll find instances where that subject might have been mentioned in an article about another topic.

I maintain a page listing the most popular articles on this website, so it’s a great page to bookmark so you can refer to it often. It’s also a great way to find a specific article when you want to share a link online with other clayers. You can find the Favorite Posts page here.

Don’t forget to scroll to the bottom of each article for short list of related articles. This will often give you a link to further reading on a particular subject.

About the Tutorials

Easy-to-follow, comprehensive polymer clay tutorials from The Blue Bottle Tree, the home of Polymer Clay Success with Ginger Davis Allman.In the Tutorials Shop, you’ll find a selection of tutorials and eBooks. They are sorted into three categories:  Knowledge Series, Technique Series, and Project Series.

My tutorials are comprehensive, detailed, and professionally formatted with beautifully clear photos. After checkout, you will receive a digital file that is instantly available for download. If you don’t see it right away, check your email! The PDF is readable on any computer or device, making it portable so that you can refer to it as you work through the tutorial.

Your tutorials will always be available from your dashboard in your account. There’s no need to worry if you lose the file, just download another one.

I provide top-notch personal customer service to everyone who buys one of my tutorials. You likely won’t need it, but if you do have questions, you’ll find contact info in the tutorial. I want you to have great polymer clay success and have as much fun creating with polymer clay as I do!

About Ginger Davis Allman

Ginger Davis Allman, polymer clay teacher and writer, gives a talk on translucent polymer clay to the members of the East Midlands Polymer Clayground.

I’m the person behind The Blue Bottle Tree. I write the articles on this website and do the research, testing, and reviews myself. I’m also a polymer clay teacher and artist sharing at workshops and events around the world.

I left a career in molecular biology to stay home and raise my three children. Polymer clay was my sanity during those messy years! I loved that I could create alongside my children. Of course I still love polymer clay, and my kids are now (almost) grown. I live in Springfield, Missouri with my business consultant husband, Gary, three ancient cats, and three blue bottle trees. Yes, I really do have blue bottle trees in my yard. You can see pictures and read about them here.

Happy Claying!

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