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Blue Bottle Insiders is a PLACE to learn, share, grow, and connect with other creatives who work with polymer clay.

Explore polymer clay's possibilities in a supportive learning environment

Learn the medium, get inspiration, and develop the skills to reach your creative goals. Insiders are helpful, thoughtful, and share the common desire to be a better creative maker.

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What people are saying about Blue Bottle Insiders

There's so much on the Insiders platform!

There are many ways to be involved, from reading the articles, posting and supporting in the community, joining the Work Alongs, to participating in the live events. The topics are diverse and fascinating.

Community Resources

Work Alongs

Learn by doing as we explore a new tutorial each month.

Community Forum

Here's where we ask questions and help others by sharing our experience.

Live Meetings and Events

Join live conversations, get to know other clayers, and share the love of creating with this medium.

The connection you've been missing

What to Expect from Insiders:

Blue Bottle Insiders is like a buffet, and you can “eat” as much (or as little) as you like. You’ll meet pros and newbies. Fine artists and dabblers. Jewelry makers and sculptors. Sellers and hobbyists. We all share the desire to learn, grow, and become better at what we do. Come as you are, but bring a willing creative spirit!

Meet the Others
We have casual Studio Drop-Ins throughout the week where we chat about clay while we work in our studios. We ALWAYS learn something new!
Insiders Forum
We have a very active forum where you can ask questions, contribute your experience, and work with other Insiders to solve problems. We also share our work and support our community's growth.
Work Alongs
Join other clayers in our Work Along sessions, where we spend a couple of hours working on a selected tutorial. It's a great way to try a new tutorial, learn new techniques, and chat with the other members.
Member Showcases
Each month Ginger interviews two Insiders. It's a great opportunity to find out more about the art and lives of fellow Insiders.
Book Club
At our regular Book Club meetings, Insiders discuss selected books as they read through them.

F. A. Q.

No, we use a customized community software called Circle. There are no algorithms or issues with privacy. You can enjoy Insiders without the frustrations of social media.

All old posts and articles are currently accessible on the Insiders platform. However, that may change as the amount of content is becoming enormous and for clarity, we may start archiving some content.

Insiders is not a course delivery platform. There are no formal tutorials. Instead, Insiders is a “place” where connection to others provides the support you need to learn by doing.

Yes. You have complete control over your membership and can control it at any time in your “account” on The Blue Bottle Tree.

Insiders isn’t a course platform. Access to the live meetings, expertise, and forum ends when your membership expires.

We have members at all stages of their creative journey. The wide range of Insider experience means you will fit in no matter what stage you’re in.

There are no time requirements. Participate as much or as little as you’d like. Some people engage several hours each week. Others visit weekly. The more you put in, the more you get out of Insiders.

You’ll need a computer, tablet, or phone and access to the internet. For live meetings, you’ll enjoy your participation more if you have a webcam (or if there’s a camera on your device). Earbuds or headphones make it easier to hear. A desktop is nice, too, so you can see several people on the screen at a time. It feels more inclusive that way.

Yes! We have jewelry makers, contemporary earring makers, yes. But we also have, sculptors, mixed media artists, polymer “painters”, home decor makers, and more. We all connect over the shared process of using polymer clay to create our heart’s desire.


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