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About The Blue Bottle Tree

“The Blue Bottle Tree is a polymer clay information website written by Ginger Davis Allman. It’s been a trusted source of accurate guidance on working with the material of polymer clay since 2012.”
“Since 2012, Ginger Davis Allman has experimented, explored, and learned about polymer so that she can share this information in a website called The Blue Bottle Tree. Her articles bust myths, clear up misunderstandings, and help users, both new and experienced, learn to use polymer clay with confidence.”
“If you’ve ever struggled with misinformation and myths you’ve heard on the internet, you’ll appreciate the clarity and accuracy of the polymer clay information website, The Blue Bottle Tree. Since 2012, Ginger Davis Allman has experimented, explored, tested, and helped us understand the technical side of working with polymer clay. The nearly 300 articles on the website give us an important and valuable resource for working with this versatile medium.”

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About Ginger Davis Allman

Bio #1

Ginger Davis Allman has a strong background in science, but her heart belongs to helping others understand how to use polymer clay as an art medium. She uses her experimental and observational skills along with her skills as a writer and teacher to help the polymer clay community understand the more technical side of creating with polymer clay. Ginger lives in Springfield, Missouri, with her husband, Gary.

Bio #2

Ginger Davis Allman loves to learn and she loves to teach about what she’s learned. This great passion has taken her through a career and education in science (molecular biology), an occupation as a seamstress, crafting obsessions with knitting and ceramics, and for the past 20 years with polymer clay. She’s been writing the popular polymer clay information website, The Blue Bottle Tree, since 2012. She lives in Springfield, Missouri, with her husband Gary, and spends “way too much time deeply obsessed with figuring how things work, and why.”

Bio #3

Although she’s known for her penchant for clearing up myths and helping others understand complex topics, that’s just the beginning of what Ginger’s about. Her education is in molecular biology. Her hobbies have included deep dives into sewing, knitting, stained glass, ceramics, birding, gardening, cooking, psychology, language, and backpacking. She’s the wife of Gary and mother to three beautiful adults. Ginger is most passionate, however, about helping people reach their potential as happily creating, productive artists. She’s written the popular polymer clay website, The Blue Bottle Tree, since 2012. You can learn from her tutorials, courses, through mentoring, or by participating in her Blue Bottle Insiders learning community.

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Photo of Ginger Davis Allman with short hair and red framed glasses, wearing polymer clay earrings
Photo of Ginger Davis Allman

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About Insiders

“Blue Bottle Insiders is Ginger’s membership community for polymer clayers to connect, share, and grow together in a supportive environment.”
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“Blue Bottle Insiders is a membership-based polymer clay learning community where crafters, hobbyists, and makers come together to learn about the medium, support each other’s growth, and connect each other with the resources they need to reach their creative goals.”
In Detail
Blue Bottle Insiders is a membership-based learning community where polymer clay crafters, hobbyists, and artists can connect using a dedicated community platform that is independent of social media. They share their artwork, get feedback, brainstorm solutions, learn new things, and find new ways to see things in a supportive, growth-oriented, inclusive environment. Insiders members also meet in multiple weekly and monthly events and have an exclusive 24/7 open workroom in which to collaborate, get to know each other, and learn together.


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