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Polymer Clay Articles

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Convert a guest room closet to make room for your polymer clay studio.

Make Room for your Polymer Clay Studio

We all love to look at pictures of gorgeous art and craft studios. We collect inspiration on Pinterest boards, hoping to find ideas that we can use in our own creative spaces. But what if you don’t have your own

"Rosettes Series 15", Oil on Canvas, 48" x 48" by Dennis Wojtkiewicz.

Reverse Image Search

Have you ever seen a great idea or a wonderful pin on Pinterest that went nowhere? Or to the wrong website? I love to find interesting pictures of beautiful artwork to share on my Facebook page. And because I believe

Meet the staff of Plum Bazaar, a bead shop in Branson, Missouri.

Finding a Gem of a Local Bead Store

In the beading and jewelry community there’s a lot of talk and buzz about the Bead Soup Blog Party. It’s an annual event where participants are matched with a partner and they swap a “Bead Soup” of a focal bead,

Baking Polymer Clay

  Do you have questions about baking polymer clay? Not sure what oven to use, for how long, and what temperature to use? Worried about burning your creations? These are very common questions, especially when you’re new to working with

Learn the difference between pigments and dyes in art and craft materials.

Pigments vs Dyes – What is the Difference?

The arts and crafts world can sometimes be rather confusing because terms get tossed around with the assumption that the reader knows the meaning, but the terms are seldom defined. The terms “pigment” and “dye” are two such terms. What is

Lint and dust on polymer clay, learn how to prevent it and how to remove it.

Lint and Dust on Polymer Clay

One of the most frustrating aspects of working with polymer clay is dealing with lint, dust, hair, and various particles that seem to be drawn to your work like there’s some sort of magnetic force. No matter what you do,

Polymer Clay box with Holo Effect insets made by Carrie Harvey from Beads from the Coast.

Polymer Clay Box with Holo Effect Insets

One of my favorite things about writing polymer clay tutorials is getting to see what people make with them. When I write a tutorial, I always try to focus on teaching the technique rather than teaching a project. I want each

I am impressed with how well these bead wires work for polymer clay bead holes.

Polymer Clay Bead Holes

How do you make holes in polymer clay beads? If you would have asked me that two weeks ago, I would have told you that I either use needle tool to poke a hole in raw polymer clay or that

Featured Artist at Kater’s Acres

What an honor! Today I’m the featured artist over on Kater’s Acres, so if you’re coming from Katie’s site, WELCOME! If this is your first visit, or if you’re new around here, let me show you around a bit. Like

Use recycled mushroom boxes in your studio for gathering small items in one project. Perfect for beaders and jewelry makers.

Handy Project Boxes – For Free!

Everyone loves something for nothing. And everyone loves recycling. So here’s an idea that has been around my studio for the past few months. We eat a lot of produce and much of it comes in boxes and packaging that

Rustic pendants and beads made from polymer clay by Ginger Davis Allman.

Another Crop of Rustic Beads

Every time I make a batch of Rustic Beads, I am always surprised at how much fun they are. Each one is like a little masterpiece and it’s great fun deciding which colors to pick and how I want it

PYM II is now available at Happy Things in the Netherlands, shipping to all of the EU.

PYM II Polymer Clay Spray Sealer

NOTE: PYM II is no longer being manufactured and I know of no sources anywhere in the world. I’m leaving this article up for archive purposes. What polymer clay spray sealer is available? It’s a question we often see asked

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