Craft Room Storage Boxes

School Supplies offer wonderful things for the crafter. Use Pencil Boxes for craft room storage boxes.

It’s that time of year again, at least here in the US. The school supplies are stocked up in the “seasonal” aisle of the discount stores. And that means it’s time to buy my secret studio organizing weapon, craft room storage boxes, also known as Pencil Boxes! I’ve waited all year for this because these boxes, normally a few dollars each, are displayed in bulk at ridiculous prices. I bought these boxes at WalMart for 67 cents each for the small ones and 97 cents each for the larger ones. One year I grabbed a whole bunch for a mere 25 cents each! (Update 2018: This year WalMart has them for 97 cents. Inflation, I suppose.)

I love using these school supply pencil boxes as craft room storage boxes because they hold a surprising amount (but not too much), they stack securely, and you can see inside of them. I also like that they are pretty much brick-shaped with little wasted space between the boxes.

I use them for storage of small items, of course, like colored pencils, buttons, stamp pads, and my pearl-ex collection. But I also use them for project boxes. I can collect together a bunch of things for a project I’m working on and then close the lid, keeping things contained when I’m working on something else.

These plastic boxes are made from polypropylene (recycle #5) so they’re polymer clay safe, too. I don’t use them that way much, but they are great for polymer clay storage.

They’re also easy to label with a sharpie. When I change my mind about what’s in them, I can erase the sharpie with alcohol and write a new label.

School Supplies offer wonderful things for the crafter. Use Pencil Boxes for storage of small things in your craft studio.

Come to think of it, sharpies are probably on sale with the school supplies, too. In fact, I wonder what else I can find that might be great in the studio…

What school supplies do you use in your artwork or craft room?

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15 thoughts on “Craft Room Storage Boxes”

  1. Storing in boxes like this also keeps things away from resident cats. i do the same, all the clay from one project goes into the same box with the resulting cane. So if I want to use the scraps to make beads that I know will match, they are right there.
    I use the -sturdy- plastic shoeboxes from The Container Store too, they are sturdy enough for large amounts of clay, and clear enough to see into, and square enough to not have wasted space between them.

  2. The idea of storing separate project components in one box and putting it away until you can work on it is absolutely brilliant! I tend to buy different things from different sources, then tossing them in one big bin, then I can’t find everything needed when I’m ready to start.

  3. I use the slider pencil boxes to store my alcohol inks (Ranger and Jacquard) and the Lumiere paints in the little bottles. They fit perfectly, and the boxes can go into a standard scrapbook box (one of the about 15x15x3.5 inch ones) If you aren’t sure what I mean, just search “slider pencil case” on Google or Amazon – they are also usually about $1 each.

  4. I use them for polymer supplies, but I also like clear ones to keep spools of thread. They can be grouped by like colors.

  5. This Pencil Boxes is great idea for storage. I use a lot of things when I work with polymer clay because of that this pencil box is helpfull things. I also use similar box for cane. When I put cane in this plastic boxes I can use cane after very long time. I like having a finish cane ready to use imidently.
    Working with polymer clay demand practical person which you are.

    1. You’re right, they’re great for cane storage. And it’s best when you’ve got canes already made up and ready to use. Yes, I think polymer clay people tend to be pretty practical because we have to borrow things from other arts all the time.

    1. Heh heh…I’m an enabler you know. Like we need another reason to go to WalMart. BTW, I see you’re from around the Ozarks, too. People out in the world don’t realize how great our WalMarts are. We certainly have nicer ones than they have up north or on the coasts.

  6. I have a bunch of the smaller ones (squares on top) also. Good for sewing thread storage, as well as many other things, and they stack really well. I also cut down a bead mat & put in the bottom of one. You can work with seed beads in one of these, latch the lid, and the lid is tight enough to keep the seed beads inside!

    1. Yes, I can see where they’d be great for beading. They’re big enough to be able to get your hand in them, too. With little boxes it’s hard to pick up seed beads with your needle. Great idea!

  7. Binder clips to hold baggies and strings of beads on the bulletin board I stuck hooks into. Binder clips for tons of stuff.

    Pencil boxes, like you. Perfect storage. Cheapo erasers to make stamps with. Notebooks for the year. And, lately, usb drives to take apart and cover for gifts.

    1. Yes to the binder clips. Handy little suckers for sure. Erasers, not tried that one yet. And USB drives…what a great idea. Will have to think on that one. Everyone needs one of those. Awesome Elaine, thanks!

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