Making the Most of Your Polymer Clay Studio: No Matter Its Size

Fall in Love with your polymer clay studio, no matter the size. First in a series from The Blue Bottle Tree and Kater's Acres.

Katie Oskin, owner of Kater's Acres
Katie from Kater’s Acres

During the month of April, I’m collaborating with Katie from Kater’s Acres to bring you a series on Making the Most of Your Polymer Clay Studio. We’ll share our thoughts, each of us posting on alternate weeks, bringing a different subject to you every Thursday in April.

We’re starting off Week One with Katie’s exploration of the philosophy of loving your polymer clay studio no matter what its size. Large, dedicated studios, small basement studios, or even a tiny corner in the bedroom can still be your little place of creativity and inspiration.

Like many of you, I started off working on the kitchen table with my kids around me. As my interest in polymer clay grew and my children got older, I set up a dedicated table in the dining room. I had shelves on the walls and I no longer had to put everything away when it was time to cook dinner or help the kids with homework. After I got married, my husband turned the dining room into his office and my claying table was moved to the bedroom. It wasn’t until my first child left home that I was able to have a dedicated room for my polymer clay studio.

No matter what the size of my studio or workspace, I never let that get in the way of creating what I wanted. Even when my studio consisted of a plastic tote, some tools in a pouch, and the kitchen table during the afternoon, I still found a way to lose myself in the act of creating. You, too, can find peace and joy in creating no matter how big or how complex your work area is.

Read Katie’s thoughts about loving your polymer clay studio, no matter the size. And check back here next week when I’ll explore another aspect of Making the Most of Your Polymer Clay Studio.

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