Valentine Heart Printable ClipArt

Cut up paper hearts on a red background, badly done.
I am not very good at making my own paper heart shapes.

I loved Valentine’s Day when I was a kid. I loved cutting out red hearts and gluing them to paper doilies. I loved decorating my box to receive valentines from my classmates. And I loved frosting pink cupcakes and pushing little cinnamon red hots into them with my finger. But what I didn’t love was that I was a Valentine heart failure. I couldn’t draw a good heart to save my soul!

Just like all the other girls, I learned to fold over a piece of paper and cut half a heart shape on the fold. But when I would open mine up it never looked right. It always looked like bunny ears. Epic fail. I would go through pages and pages of scrap paper, trying each time to get it right. And I never could. I needed remedial heart-making classes.

So being as it’s time to start gearing up for Valentine’s Day crafts, I decided to make some polymer clay heart shapes. I know better than to try drawing heart shapes. Now that I’m an adult I have software and tools to help me. I looked online for Valentine heart clipart featuring multiple sizes of hearts in the same shape. And I couldn’t find any. So I made my own.  And since I know I’m not the only heart-challenged person out there, I figured you might need some heart shapes to cut out. So, I’m sharing my template.

This image is formatted to print on standard letter sized paper and I left enough room on the margins that your printer shouldn’t cut anything off. I’ve included sizes from 5″ down to 3/4″. Each size is exactly the same shape so you can nest these to create frames. And I made two sheets, one in each Letter sized paper and A4.  Now you, too, can make nice heart shapes. Without bunny ears.

How to get your Free Valentine Heart Printable Clipart

Just click on your chosen link to start the download of a PDF in your chosen format. You can then save it to your computer. You’re free to use it as much as you want, for personal or commercial purposes, but try to give me a link if you can, okay? Oh, and feel free to share this printable on Pinterest or Facebook, linking back here. Others might like to use these as well. The more, the merrier, right?

Download Heart ClipArt – Letter sized – 380kb

Download Heart ClipArt – A4 sized – 402kb

valentine hearts printable, come to site for full res

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