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Polymer Clay Sealers, Glazes, and Varnishes

How flexible should polymer clay be?

How to make polymer clay heavier

Can you mix polymer clay brands?

Color and polymer clay: What nobody tells you

About metals for polymer clay earrings

Securing Polymer Clay Earring Post Backs – What’s the best way?

Glow-in-the-Dark Polymer Clay Earrings using Glow Pigment

Make Your Own Silkscreens for Polymer Clay

Make Polymer Clay Earrings You’re Proud Of

Should you apply mica powder before or after baking polymer clay?

Polymer Clay Vessel Project

New Pearl Ex Colors

Mica Powder

Bonding Polymer Clay to Itself – Testing Bakeable Bonds

A Tribute in Blue

Interview with Cindy Lietz

Polymer Clay Covered Pill Vials

Texture Sponges on Polymer Clay

Glitter and Mica Powder are not the same thing!

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