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Polymer Clay Articles

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Learn the 5 things polymer clayers resist learning, trying and doing.

Things Clayers Resist Buying, Learning, and Doing

Have you ever had something that “everyone” told you to try and you kept putting it off? Maybe because you thought it was dumb, or unnecessary, or that your way worked just fine. But then you finally gave in and

Making Jewellery magazine's special polymer clay issue features an article and interview with Ginger Davis Allman.

Making Jewellery – Polymer Clay Issue

Making Jewellery is a British magazine aimed at jewelry craftsmen and hobbyists and this month they’ve released a special issue that’s all about polymer clay. I’m thrilled to say that I was invited to write an article in the magazine

A listing of polymer clay guilds, worldwide.

Polymer Clay Guilds

Have you considered joining a polymer clay guild? There’s something special about getting together with others who enjoy this unique medium. It’s like we’re automatically part of a secret club and we all know the secret handshake before we walk

polymer clay facebook groups

Polymer Clay Groups on Facebook

Love it or hate it, Facebook is where so many people spend their online time. The groups within Facebook are a great way to participate in community and share in your love of polymer clay. Not to mention, you can

A directory of polymer clay suppliers and vendors.

Polymer Clay Suppliers and Vendors

Here’s a directory listing of polymer clay suppliers and other shops that offer products that are valuable to polymer clayers around the world. The following entries are listed by country or economic region. United States Allegory Gallery Website: https://allegorygallery.com Contact:

Excellent polymer clay! Cernit Metallic Review.

Cernit Metallic Review

You might have seen this luscious video by Ana Belchí showing off an exquisite new line of clay by Cernit. Brilliantly colored, glimmering and glowing, the new Cernit Metallic seemed to be unlike anything else on the market. Already happy

Brand comparison of metallic polymer clay.

Metallic Polymer Clay – A brand comparison

With the launch of the new Cernit Metallic colors (see the review here), there’s been a renewed interest in metallic polymer clay colors themselves. What are they, what can you do with them, and which are the best brands of

Mica shift brooch made with cernit metallic.

Mica Shift in Polymer Clay – The best brand?

Mica shift is a polymer clay technique where you create a ghost image in metallic or pearl clay. Perfectly smooth, a well-executed mica shift effect fools the eye and intrigues viewers. Mica shift looks like the design is raised or depressed

Translucent liquid Sculpey TLS has had many labelling changes over the years.

Understanding Sculpey’s Liquid Clay Brands

It seems that there’s a lot of confusion about the Sculpey’s liquid clay brands. Sculpey Clear? Transparent? Bake and Bond? Oven-Bake Clay Adhesive? What are those? So here’s a quick article to help clear up the confusion. Sculpey’s Liquid Clay

Polymer clay studio of Ginger Davis Allman of The Blue Bottle Tree.

Tools and Materials I Use in my Studio

In order to best advise my readers on good tools, materials, and supplies (and how to use them), I explore a lot of different products. Most I buy myself, some are provided by manufacturers, and I try out other people’s

Using resin with polymer clay.

Using Resin with Polymer Clay

Learn about using resin with polymer clay. Learn the difference between UV resin and epoxy resin and end the confusion over using these great materials.

What is polymer clay? Learn about this versatile medium at The Blue Bottle Tree.

What is Polymer Clay?

What is polymer clay? It’s a vinyl modeling putty that stays soft indefinitely and then is cured in a home oven. It can be painted, sanded, carved, and polished after curing. Read more…

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