A Great Way to Store Polymer Clay Canes

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How I Store Polymer Clay Canes

Storage is always an intriguing dilemma for any crafter or hobbyist. We have lots of little bits of stuff, and unless we can see it easily, we tend to forget we have it. Some things are easily stored (such as blocks of unopened polymer clay), but other things are more awkward and tricky.

I’ve tried a ton of methods to store polymer clay canes, and most have been problematic. If you let the canes touch, they’ll stick together. Laid on their side, they roll around. If you wrap your canes with plastic wrap (or waxed paper or deli sheets), then you can’t see the end of the cane. Plus, that takes a lot of time to cut little pieces of plastic wrap. You can’t store them in the open, or they will get dusty. But if you stack them in a box, it’s hard to see what you have. Dilemmas, dilemmas.

Lots of people store polymer clay canes wrapped in plastic. This makes it hard to see what you have.
It’s common to store polymer clay canes wrapped in plastic. They will stay clean and tidy, but it’s difficult to see what you have.

Here’s what I’m doing now and…it’s working! If you’re not happy with your system, this one might be worth trying.

I like using low, flat plastic boxes to store polymer clay canes.
Low, wide, flat boxes make great cane storage. You can store the canes vertically so you can see their design. Larger canes can be stored horizontally, too.

I found these low, wide scrapbooking boxes with a latch-on lid. The bottom is flat. They’re tall enough that most of my canes can sit vertically, and the lid is easy to see through. The boxes stack easily. It’s easy to sort and organize the canes by type (or theme or artist) and then you can take just that box to your work table. I’m sure you could find similar boxes. The ones designed for storing scrapbooking paper would be great.

These plastic boxes stack neatly on the shelf, making it easy to store polymer clay canes.
These particular boxes stack very neatly on the shelf. I can put a lot of canes in a fairly small space.

This system did need one modification, however. The canes tend to fall over easily because they don’t stick well to the plastic bottom of the box. So I put a piece of glass into the bottom. I bought some cheap picture frames at Hobby Lobby and cut the glass to fit. (The glass is very thin and super easy to cut with a simple glass cutter.) But you could also get glass cut to the right size from a frame shop. Make sure you measure the bottom of the box, not the top, though. Now the canes stay vertical, and I can easily see what I have. Perfection!

When you store polymer clay canes, it's important to be able to see what you have.
You can group your canes by type or artist. They stick well to the glass sheet I’ve placed in the bottom and that allows them to remain vertical. Canes pictured are from Ivy Niles of IKandiClayMatt Kernan of Clay by Kerm, and Toni and Ed Street.
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5 thoughts on “A Great Way to Store Polymer Clay Canes”

  1. Deborah K Farmer

    That’s awesome! I could use the drawer I currently store them in (if they aren’t too tall) and just cover the top of the whole bin!

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