Polymer Clay Covered Pill Vials

Here’s a super fast and easy gift idea. Polymer clay covered pill vials. You can get these metal vials at pharmacies for a few dollars. I bought this set on Amazon for super cheap (mere dollars), but if you’ll do a search for metal pill container, you’ll find tons more in various sizes, shapes, and colors (Affiliate Links – learn more here).

These vials are waterproof, durable, and come with a ring for attaching to a keyring, purse strap, backpack, etc. Unless they have a plastic liner (some do…check first), they’re bakeable, too. There’s an o-ring that you can remove before baking (and replace after), but I baked mine with the o-ring in place and it was just fine.

I picked this particular style because the metal part that holds the ring sticks up and so the polymer won’t be chipped away by the wear and tear of the ring moving around.

How to Decorate Polymer Clay Pill Vials

It’s easy to cover these pill vials with polymer clay. Just make a sheet (or use an older veneer you’ve saved) and cut it to fit. Spread some liquid clay onto the pill vial, and attach the sheet. As you’re putting it on, make note of where the cap attaches and slice the sheet there, so the cap becomes separate and the design will line up. Trim the top and bottom, then add a circle you’ve cut from a sheet. Blend it all together and bake. Easy peasy!

veneers used to cover pill vials
I save all my veneers for future use and this project is a perfect way to use them.

About Surface Treatments

You’ll probably notice that I used a silkscreen printed veneer for my pink vial above. It’s a gorgeous design from Moiko Silkscreens. But it wasn’t one of my smarter moves. The paint will wear off very quickly. It’s much better to use a sheet of pure clay so the design doesn’t wear off.

Perfect as Christmas Gifts!

Nobody needs any more stuff, so that makes giving gifts really hard. If you’re anything like me, nothing new comes into my life unless it serves a function. And these vials are useful and functional. Whether you keep pills, a spare $20, or matches for camping, hearing aid batteries, whatever — it’s a useful little thingy. I think some people are even using them for…shall we say…recreational herbal purposes. In any event, everyone can find a use for these little vials. Have fun!

After I shared about this gift idea in The Muse, Susan made these as gifts. Polymer clay covered pill vials made by Susan Farrell Bowerman.

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6 thoughts on “Polymer Clay Covered Pill Vials”

  1. I’m fairly new to polymer clay, I’m actually a metalsmith. I’m wondering what you use to keep the polymer clay adhered to the metal. Do you have to scuff up the metal as well? I love the idea and I have to carry pills and love the idea of using one. Thank you!!

    1. OH my gosh I am so sorry I actually now see you did mention that. I apologize for not catching it the first time. Thank you again for all you do!! (late night…lol)

  2. Do you have any ideas for covering the plastic pill bottles? I’m left with so many that aren’t recyclable in our area. Thank you!

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