Katie Oskin and Ginger Davis Allman, two very different artists, worked together to explore voice in their art. Come read more at The Blue Bottle Tree.

Explorations in Voice

What happens when two polymer clay artists, with very unique voices, create side-by-side with the same products? Find out in Explorations in Voice.

In college I made this copy of a Monet painting of The Petite Creuse River by Claude Monet. I learned a lot.

How Do You Find Your Artistic Voice?

How do you find your artistic voice or style? You don’t have to find it. You already have it. You already have favorite colors, favorite textures, things you like. Read more…

Gold and green paisley batik image made from polymer clay with the holographic effect technique.

Golden Spirals

What is the difference between an artist and a creative person? Of course, we all know that artists are creative. But why do only some people call themselves artists? Since …

Golden Spirals Read More »

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