Pearl Ex Color Chart and Comparison Tool

Polymer clay enthusiasts have always loved Pearl Ex mica powders. They bring shimmer and shine to our projects! But knowing which color is best to use in a particular situation can be hard. What is the difference between all those colors? Wouldn’t it be great to have a clear, accurate Pearl Ex Color Chart? I spent some (okay, a lot) of time comparing the colors and wanted to share what I’ve found out.

I molded a gem shape from white and from black polymer clay and coated them with each color of Pearl Ex mica powder. I used the gem shape so you could see the way the light looks from different angles. Here’s the result. First is a downloadable and printable color chart. (Make a poster for your studio!) Then there’s a nifty comparison tool where you can pick colors to compare and see them side-by-side.

Pearl Ex Color Chart

Download a free Pearl Ex Color Chart that includes all colors on black and on white polymer clay.I’ve created this Pearl Ex color chart in two versions. Both are free for you to download, print, or share. Please don’t sell the chart, and if you share it online, please link back to this article so people can use the cool tool below!

Screen Version

Here is a large PDF version (900kb) for you to download and keep on your computer or device. The colors will be correct for screen viewing (depending on your screen, of course).

Poster Sized Version (Print-only)

Here is a 18″x24″ poster-sized printable file (large file! 10MB) that you can download and take to your local printer. Staples has 18×24 posters for about $15 (less with a coupon) that are a gorgeous glossy print. This file is color-optimized for printing using SWOP 2. There’s a copyright release on the poster itself, but if they give you trouble just show them this article. I freely give license for you to print copies for personal, non-commercial use. (If you’re outside the US, your print shop should be able to scale this to print onto the right size poster.)

Pearl Ex Comparison Tool

  • The left gem is on white clay, the right is on black clay.
  • To see the name of each gem, hover (swipe or long press if you’re on mobile).
  • To see a large version of each color, click or tap on the image.
  • To compare several colors, tick the boxes and then click the button at the bottom.
  • On the comparison page, you can further refine your selection by ticking boxes and comparing again.
  • Tip:Taking inventory of your stash? Use the tickboxes to keep track as you count what you have.

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