Super Sculpey Ultralight

Super Sculpey Ultra Light

There’s a type of polymer clay called Super Sculpey UltraLight. It’s white, lightweight, oven-bake, and has a sort of a marshmallow texture. It’s so light that it floats. (It makes nifty bath toys and floating candle holders.)

Makers have long used it to make the core of larger pieces that would be too heavy otherwise. ⁠ You can also mix it with Premo (in various proportions…give it a try) to act as a substitute for Souffle. ⁠

This clay has been on the market for many, many years and has always had a pink and white label. But with Sculpey’s recent controversial rebrand, they’ve changed the look. But they’ve also changed the name.

What? Yes! It’s now under the sub-brand of Super Sculpey (it’s important to note that Sculpey itself is a brand name, but not a type of clay), along with the usual Super Sculpey and also Living Doll. That’s totally confusing, because experienced clayers know that Super Sculpey refers to their gray and beige sculpting clays (which are a very different product).

I don’t understand why Sculpey seems to be so disconnected from their user base. We’ve all called this stuff “UltraLight” for decades and now they’ve rebranded it by lumping all the large-block, plain-colored clays together? Talk about confusing!

And without comprehensive user-base product education coming from Sculpey, the confusion will continue.

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