Does Gold Polymer Clay Look Like Real Gold?

gold polymer clay

Gold colored polymer clay isn’t very gold.

Here are samples of the various golds from most of the brands of polymer clay, along with some old gold jewelry. They look nothing alike!⁠

If you want to create a true metallic gold (or silver) effect, your best choice is to use a mica powder or chrome nail powders (read more about nail products for polymer clay here). You can also get good results with some metallic acrylic paints. But gold clay? Nah. ⁠

Gold clay has many uses, however, so don’t dismiss it. I like including bits of gold clay in my Watercolor Agate matrix. It’s also nice to include thin sheets of gold or silver in mokume gane stacks.⁠

Want a great color? Start with gold clay (any brand) and add tiny bits of black until you have a luscious metallic old gold. Even better? Use navy blue. Now that’s gorgeous.⁠

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