Interview with Polymer Week and Lucy Struncova

You might remember Lucy Struncova, who is the Lucy behind Lucy Clay Tools (of Czextruder fame). She was a child (just eleven) when she started Lucy Tools with her father. Well, she’s all grown up now and on her own with Polymer Week (a magazine, blog, and event) and Polymer Week Society (a new membership for polymer lovers). Lucy’s newest endeavor is a podcast and for her first episode, she interviewed me. Yes, me!

I met with Lucy last week by Zoom and we recorded a deep and meaningful conversation. We talked about the localization of design, copyright, the future of teaching, the struggles of running a small business, and the future of polymer clay. You can watch our conversation on YouTube or enjoy the audio podcast on Spotify or your favorite podcast software. Please enjoy our conversation!

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2 thoughts on “Interview with Polymer Week and Lucy Struncova”

  1. This was a great interview. Thank you Ginger and Lucy.
    A good example of the positive things that have risen from the pandemic and the new way of communicating.
    Also that I can attend workshops/classes that I would never have travelled to.
    Not being limited by distance and costs anymore.

    About becoming a master : in the middelages, someone had to be an apprentice for several years, serving a master; doing little jobs in the beginning, then perhaps painting a little flower on a big masterpiece. Than, with time, more important things, in his masters’style. Finally he had to do a masterpiece of his own, approved by a guild to become a member.
    I see myself as a eternal apprentice. With this difference that I can learn from more masters. With each class/tutorial I first do it like shown, copying. Than I try to see what can I do more with it. Asking myself the most creative question, for me, ; What if… What if I do this, of change that. I trust it will show me the way and end up in my own voice, one day, I hope. And if not, well I enjoy the journey even if I cannot reach the destination.

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