Foot Pedal for Pasta Machine Motors

Foot pedal image source: Foredom

If you have a motor for your pasta machine, you might also want to get a foot pedal. This is sort of like a sewing machine foot pedal, except that you plug the motor into the foot pedal, and then plug the foot pedal into the wall. A foot pedal controls the power to the motor so that you step on the pedal to make the motor run instead of turning on the switch. This means you don’t have to fumble for the switch and can hold a sheet with both hands as you guide it into the machine.

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Types of Foot Pedals for Pasta Machine Motors

There are three types of foot pedals. One is a simple on/off switch. You can buy a foot switch for Christmas tree lights like this one. There are also ones that look more like a typical foot pedal, made for use with industrial tools.

The second is an on/off switch type pedal, but you have to hold the pedal down with your foot for the motor to work. Let up, and the motor stops. This type of action is called a “dead man’s switch”. (The history of the name refers to a switch that would stop a train if the driver was killed.)

The third is a variable speed pedal (I have this one from Foredom). This is similar to a sewing machine pedal or the gas on your car where the further you push the pedal down, the faster the motor goes. I like this one the best because it allows me to slow the pasta machine if I’m doing something that needs more control.

Note that you will need to source a foot pedal that works for the electrical system in your country. You may find a generic source locally, but here is a listing for Foredom brand foot pedals that includes international plugs.

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