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Fast Facts are quick polymer clay tips, tricks, and information from The Blue Bottle Tree.I don’t think anyone actually likes going to the dentist. But I have a reason why you might look forward to your next appointment. And that’s because your dentist has something that you want. Tools. Specifically, dental tools. They’re perfect for working with polymer clay, especially if you like to make polymer clay sculptures. So how can you get free dental tools to use with yourย polymer clay?

It turns out that dentists are pretty hard on their tools and in the normal course of picking, scraping, and shaping teeth, it’s pretty common for dental tools to get broken. And it doesn’t take much of a break for the tool to be unusable for the dentist. But they’re still great tools with a lot of life left for people who are sculpting and working with polymer clay!

During a recent visit, I asked my dentist if he had any old tools lying around that perhaps I could have. His eyes brightened up and he said, “Sure! I’ve got a whole drawer full of them. How many do you need?” I told him that a small assortment would be plenty and asked if most dentists also have extra or old tools like this. He said, “Yes, every dentist has a bone-yard of old tools.” He said a few words to his assistant and next thing you know I had a little bag of pokey, sharp, free dental tools to take home. Score!!!

So next time you’re getting your teeth worked on…ask your dentist for some of his cast-off dental tools. You just might get lucky!

If you strike out, however, you can usually find some dental tools for a great low price at Harbor Freight (if you have one near you ). Another source is ebay or Amazon in your country. In addition to searching for “dental tools”, you can also find good sets by searching for “wax carving tools”. The cheap sets of dental tools you can find online are undoubtedly not up to your dentist’s standards, but they’re perfectly good for polymer clay work.

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This Fast Facts article tells how to get free dental tools for use with your polymer clay or other hobbies. More at The Blue Bottle Tree.

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