Polymer Clay Cane Mailer

Fast Facts are quick polymer clay tips, tricks, and information from The Blue Bottle Tree.Have you ever wanted to mail polymer clay canes, but weren’t sure how to protect them against damage? Bubble wrap mailers aren’t ideal because canes can easily be mashed and dented. For best results, you need a solution that is rigid, crush-proof, and available in a range of diameters and lengths for canes of all sizes. And if you mail very many canes, you will want a solution that is low cost and readily available. I’ve searched for a polymer clay cane mailer before and came up with suggestions that were quite expensive.

Recently, I received a package from Ed Street that included two pieces of this fantastic swallowtail butterfly cane. I was really surprised to see how he had packaged the canes. Each cane was wrapped in plastic wrap and then inserted into a short length of PVC pipe. Ed said that he uses a pair of pipe-cutting pliers to easily cut each piece to the exact length needed. You can buy PVC pipe in most hardware stores in several diameters. I like that this solution works well for both square and round canes. It’s a low-cost solution as well. At my local Home Depot, a 10ft piece of PVC pipe costs just $2.65. That works out to about 40 little cane mailers, coming to a whopping 6.6 cents each.

Of course it’s a utilitarian solution and has sort of a…well…industrial-tech vibe going on. That might not match your shop’s branding. But Ed points out that you can easily paint the tubes with spray paint. You can also remove the printing with some sandpaper if you’d like. It’s also a great opportunity to apply a label with your shop’s information. But regardless, you have to admit that this is a great, functional solution to finding a polymer clay cane mailer. Thanks to Ed for both the great idea and for the really gorgeous cane pieces.

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Use pieces of PVC pipe to make simple, an inexpensive polymer clay cane mailer.

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