Lifting polymer pieces from your work surface

Polymer clay is naturally sticky and tends to stick to your tools as you use them. When cutting pieces or shapes from a sheet or slab of polymer clay, the best way to keep the clay from sticking in the cutters is to use a work surface that the clay sticks to. A glossy ceramic tile or a glass work surface is perfect. The sheet sticks to the tile, not to the cutters. But then how do you get the pieces of polymer clay up from the work surface without distortion or stretching them out of shape? Here’s how!

Once you lift the pieces, you’ll want to gently set them onto a paper-covered baking tray or tile so that they’ll bake without getting shiny spots on the back. For more about earrings, don’t miss the Earring Portal, which is a special area of my website that’s all about earrings!

Popular Tutorial

Foolproof method!

Watercolor Agate in polymer clay, perfect for earrings!

This marbled, swirling, effect is illustrated in many variations over 70 pages, using many different media, each with its own effects.

Tutorial plus Templates

Need earring help?

Polymer clay Earrings with Shape Templates

Learn tricks for handling the clay, working neatly, and making strong earrings. Includes info on backs, sanding, and assembling.

3 thoughts on “Lifting polymer pieces from your work surface”

  1. I’m making a “corncob” pipe for a snowman, I would like the stem to have a hole all the way thru. If I leave the skewer in while baking, will I be able to pull it out after?

    1. Likely not. The clay will adhere to the wood. Generally, using a metal wire is better (such as a coat hanger piece). But the trick is holding onto the wire with pliers and then twisting the polymer to “pop” the seal and allow it to be slid off.

  2. Thank you! I was still have difficulties with this. I was missing “start at a narrow section” and “sliding don’t stop” . I will try this out today! Thanks again for sharing!

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