What Kind of Brushes for Polymer Clay?

brushes for polymer clay

I use SO many brushes for polymer clay in my work!

Powders, paints, pouncing, cleaning, etc. So much. But there’s no need to buy expensive or premium artist’s brushes. I get the inexpensive craft store brush sets that are for acrylic paints. I find that the fluffier ones work the best. ⁠

A few tips:⁠

  1. Don’t leave them sitting in water. That swells the handle and cracks the paint off it.⁠
  2. There’s no need to clean brushes that you use with powders. Just have a lot of brushes and use the same one within color families.⁠
  3. When you do clean your brushes, use soap and water. Blot, then reshape bristles, then lay down to dry. Don’t dry them bristle-end up!⁠
  4. If you need to change powder colors, rub your brush on an old piece of carpet to clean the bristles.⁠
  5. Remove dried paint/sealer by soaking in isopropyl alcohol. With diligence, you can usually work out years worth of dried paint. However, never use acetone with brushes!⁠
  6. I have dedicated brushes for use with liquid clay and UV resin. I keep the ends covered with a bit of plastic wrap and then just set them aside til I need them again. No need to clean them. But if you want to, alcohol works fine.⁠
  7. Brush handles make excellent polymer clay tools.⁠ (click over here for some more tools you may have laying around the house already)

Which one of these tips surprised you the most?⁠

Pigments, mica, and powders are magical

Don’t be intimidated by those little jars and packets of colorful powders. Learn to use them effectively in your projects.

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