How to Store Polymer Clay Scrap

store polymer clay scrap

What’s the best way for storing polymer clay scrap? It doesn’t really matter as long as three things happen. ⁠

One, you want to keep it covered to keep dust, lint, and fur from sticking to it. ⁠

Two, you want to store it out of direct heat. I wouldn’t worry about normal living temperatures (even if you live where it’s really hot), but make sure you aren’t storing it over a heat vent or near something (like your oven) that gets hot. Also avoid direct sunlight.⁠

Three, store polymer clay scrap in the right kind of plastic.

  • Bags are fine
  • Plastic wrap is good
  • Floss boxes and various storage boxes work

All of the above are great as long as you avoid polystyrene. If it’s clear and brittle (like a DVD case), then NEVER let it touch your polymer clay or the clay will melt the plastic and fuse with the box.⁠

I love using the types of divided boxes that are used to store beads, findings, embroidery floss, fishing tackle, etc. They’re a great way to organize your bits and pieces and be able to see them all (See more general polymer clay studio storage ideas here).

Want to learn more about the issue of what types of plastic you can use to store polymer clay scrap? There’s a huge article about that very topic – Does Polymer Clay Melt Plastic?⁠ Go check it out!

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