Plaques Can Be a Design Feature

You may be wondering, What even are polymer clay plaques?

Plaques are those little, round, flat bubbles that appear in translucent polymer clay after baking. They’re really annoying when you want a clear look. (They’re also present in colored clay, we just can’t see them.) 

A couple of benefits to plaques is they can give realism to faux stone and can even be a design element, themselves.

I saw this bowl by Ruth Winchester of Doodle Pippin and immediately wanted to share it with you. The plaques in the translucent layer on the back give an overall speckled appearance that makes it far more interesting than if they weren’t there. Ruth didn’t intend for the plaques to be there, but she also liked the look of them once she saw them.

I don’t know a sure-fire way of preventing plaques (they’re not trapped air due to poor conditioning). So when you can’t prevent them, why not use them as a feature?

Foolproof and versatile

Often imitated, this original course is a deep dive into the process of making ethereal translucent faux stone.

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