Manage My Data

Managing Comments

Tools to manage your comments are provided within the website. Visit the comment you want manage, and the tools should be available to delete, edit and download your comment.

Manage Email List Subscriptions

To manage¬† your email lists subscriptions, including unsubscribing, please use the link provided in the footer of a recent email. If you’ve not kept any of my mails, I send out one at the begining of each month, please wait for that to be delivered and use the link there to manage your subscriptions.

Manage My Account Details

You can manage your account details by logging in. Please note that unfortunately usernames are set in stone and cannot be changed.

Other Personal Data Inquiries

If the options above do not provide the tools you need to manage your data held by The Blue Bottle Tree, please contact me here. When you have submitted the form we will contact you, and you may need to prove your identity before any changes can be made.

Please provide exact details of your request. Supplying insufficient information for us to be able to understand and respond to your request will result in delays.


The Blue Bottle Tree’s Privacy Policy.

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