You were born to do this

I took my daughter to get her driver’s license yesterday. It was a process dominated by waiting parents and their nervously eager teenagers. Most parents, like me, were hanging back watchfully letting their child lead the way. Then I noticed a man come in with a domineering air, telling his son exactly what to do and where to sit. The poor boy seemed to have no confidence at all in himself.

I remembered this scene this morning while in the backyard drinking my coffee. A father cardinal was perched on a branch of my pine tree, feeding his fledgling baby. My first instinct was to help them. As if they needed help! How arrogant of me. Wild animals have raised babies for millions of years without my help. Even though the process of a baby bird flying at a mere 2 weeks after hatching and its parents tending it dutifully seems complicated to my mind, it is completely natural and works well. Birds have natural programming to tell them what to do.

So why do we think we’re any different from these birds? Why do we think, like the man in the license office, that humans need to be guided and told what to do? Some of us feel compelled to direct others. And even more of us remain passive, waiting for guidance or permission. But I think that perhaps we all have a native programming and if we listen to ourselves we will hear it.

Create. You were born to do this. Humans have been doing this since the beginning of time. You don’t need anyone to lead you.

Red Damselfly on a leaf by the river

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4 thoughts on “You were born to do this”

  1. Hi Ginger, I’ve just found your site which caught my attention right away; my great-grandmama in Savannah had a bottle tree. I was drawn to it, took photos with my Swinger camera (you know, the one that spit the photo out and developed only after you waved it around!), and still have those photos. Hers was a real tree!
    This article also struck a chord with me. I believe, after much thought and input from wiser, giving artists, that creating is a form of worship. When I create, I feel closer to all creation and to the creator, whatever name we choose. Of course I was born to create (we all are), to stay in touch with my younger self and to make my home a happy place where everyone feels comfortable and affirmed when here. We are all creative beings and folks like you remind me and many others of the happy, life-affirming lessons we can learn when we create.

    1. Oh Suzanne, I’m so glad you stopped by and took the time to comment. You really brightened my day! I can just imagine your Grandmama’s bottle tree. I hope you still have those pictures you took. Your words about creativity really felt right to me. I agree completely that creating is a form of worship and that it brings us closer to the creator. In fact, that captures the concept that I was trying to explain to friends at church this week. You said it so much better than I did. Thank you for visiting my website, and I hope you come back often. I welcome your input. Best of luck with whatever you’re creating today. -Ginger

  2. “Create. You were born to do this. Humans have been doing this since the beginning of time. You don’t need anyone to lead you.”

    Amen! Love the dragonfly photo!

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