The Sparkle Zone

Rainbows on the wall, from glass prisms in the window.
In The Sparkle Zone, rainbows dapple the walls every time the sun comes out.

I’ve known for many years that I need regular time in the sunshine to keep my mood level. Obviously a sufferer of SAD, I desperately need and crave sunshine in the winter months. In our current house there is only one window which faces south and gets full sun and sadly that room has, by necessity, been converted to an office for my husband and me. Sunshine and computer monitors are not a good combination, so for the most part the blinds remained pulled. And I withered in the darkness.

My sweet husband can be rather set in his ways at times and he just didn’t see how we could rearrange the room to give me a chair in front of the window and still have sufficient darkness for him to adequately process photographs. After some creative discussion and finally some arm twisting, I insisted and we rearranged the desks. Finally I had my place in the sun! We solved the darkness problem by installing a curtain across the room. When Gary is processing pictures he just draws the curtain and I’m left cozy in my sunshiny space.

The first thing I did was place some cobalt glass in the window. And I put the word out into the universe that I was in need of some glass prisms. I wanted some rainbows. Well. My mother and my best friend came to the rescue bearing gifts. Within days I had dozens of lead glass crystal prisms to hang in the window. And that created a dazzling display of rainbows cast all throughout the room. I loved it! There was really nothing else to call this area but The Sparkle Zone.

I found that I didn’t really need a desk in that room anyway. I set one up in the bedroom instead. And I was able to use my laptop in The Sparkle Zone during all but the most bright hours. Hour after hour, sitting in the sun, watching the rainbows dance across the wall…pure heaven. And it was just what my body needed. I got through the winter without so much as a bad mood. (Okay, that might be an exaggeration.) But no depression. Yay for my Sparkle Zone!

I found that my Sparkle Zone went inactive in the summer because the sun no longer shone into the windows. But by that time the weather was warm and instead I spent my mornings outside in the backyard, surrounded by my blue bottle trees. It’s an outdoor sparkle zone, I guess.

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