Spring Cleaning and Studio Spaces

Whenever the seasons change I think it’s only natural for use to feel the need to make changes that signal a sort of transition in our lives. We get the urge to close out phases or places or situations and begin thinking about how we want things to be in the next phase. Spring Cleaning is part of that. We want our homes and spaces to be clean, ready for the open windows and fresh air of spring.

It’s been an intense winter for me. I’m finding that working for myself takes a lot of energy. On the home front, there have been lots of business projects and family needs that are all competing for my attention. And that of my husband Gary (who also works from home with me). So I am really feeling the need for some Spring Cleaning. I need to close out the old and bring in the new. That’s probably why I’ve started to notice and feel drawn to posts around the web about studios and our creative spaces. You might call it a craft room, an artist’s studio, or even an office or play room. (I tend to call mine “My Kingdom” and while my husband refers to it as my “Girl Cave”.) But whatever its name, and whether you currently have a work room or are in the dreaming and planning stage, it’s fun to look at other people’s creative spaces and find inspiration.

My polymer clay work table in my studio at The Blue Bottle Tree.
My polymer clay work table in one corner of my tiny 10′ x 10′ studio. In addition to all my polymer, jewelry, fiber, sewing, stained glass, and fine arts supplies, this little room also holds a bed, a 6 foot long work table, and lots of storage. The bed will disappear when my son moves out of the dorms in a few weeks. Then I get to build worktops and create a more permanent arrangement.

My studio was hastily thrown together last August and has served me well. But in a few weeks my son will take his remaining belongings (the bed and the desk) and the room will be ready for some more permanent arrangements. So I’ve been contemplating how I want my workflow to happen and how I want to arrange the space.

A fantastic inspiration that I’ve been enjoying lately is a Facebook page called A Peek Inside Artists Studios. It does feature a few “professional” shots but more often it’s working artists who post pictures of their own work spaces. And because they’re often real working spaces, I often find the little details more interesting than the big beautiful layouts neatly organized craft supplies.

Yesterday my husband brought a wonderful link to my attention. Craftaholics Anonymous compiled together 44 craft rooms for your inspirational pleasure. Take a look through the link and see if you get any inspiration. Maybe you’ll want to make some Spring Cleaning changes in your own studio? Tell me about it if you do. I want to hear about your plans!

Pictures of many craft rooms featured on a blog.
Click picture to see 44 Craft Rooms featured on Craftaholics Anonymous

I do have a Pinboard on Pinterest with some studio ideas on it, check it out. And if you know of any great resources for studio overhauls, post about it in comments and if I get enough of them I’ll compile them into a new post for everyone to see.

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  1. ladyflowersbysusan

    Great topic, Ginger.

    In 2000 I wrote a book, a comprehensive healthcare guide for women who do crafts. Later that year I was interviewed on HGTV about the material in the book. A lot of it was about making your workstation fit your body (ergonomics).

    You can watch the interview for free on my author website http://www.susandelaneyauthor.com. I know it will bring helpful, science-based tips (I am a medical doctor) to everyone who does crafts, whether or not she is redesigning her workspace.

    The book won a Gold Medal for Health Communication. It was a Main Selection of the Doubleday Cooking and Crafts Book of the Month Club. Amazon currently has 7 used copies for $0.01 each (sic transit gloria!)

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