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12 Important Polymer Clay Skills to Master

Starting May 23, I’ll be publishing a weekly email series exploring 12 important polymer clay skills that clayers need to know. These basic skills are the foundations for creating with polymer clay, regardless of what you like to make. 

If you join after the series begins, you’ll also have access to the previous weeks. Join me!


Have you ever wondered what skills are important for mastering polymer clay? While everyone likely has a slightly different list, I’ll be sharing the skills that I think are the most important. Each week, I’ll explore a different skill, helping you understand why it’s important and giving you actionable tips about how to improve your skill range. Learning (and practicing) the fundamental skills of any medium will help you master the possibilities so you can stop wasting time on false starts and disheartening uncertainty.

About Ginger's Emails

I send an email once a week with useful and helpful information about polymer clay and the creative process. While there are occasional promotions included, this is not a selly-sell list. Those are annoying. I try to be useful, first and foremost. If you move on from the world of polymer clay, it’s easy enough to unsubscribe at any point. The emails are free. Let’s get started!

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