Do you have a shower fairy?

When my husband Gary has worked on a frustrating project and is at a standstill and can’t think of a solution, he often remarks that he needs to go visit the shower fairy. For some reason, his subconscious mind goes into overdrive and more often than not he comes out of the shower with new ideas.

The shower doesn’t work for me, though. I find that a cup of coffee and time in my backyard is the ticket to creative thought. In the winter, I’m at my most creative when sitting in the sunbeams of my “sparkle zone“. Times like that it feels like my mind works in overdrive and every thought is clear and effortless.

Some people can always rely on having these creative wellsprings bubble to the surface when they go on a long run or sit in nature. Others find it easiest when they’re busy working on a mindless task.

So what works best for you? Do you need silence or is background noise better? Does music help? Would you rather be alone or with others? Give it some thought and try to identify your best times and places for creativity. What is your shower fairy?

Heavenly blue morning glory flower with the sun shining through it.

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16 thoughts on “Do you have a shower fairy?”

  1. We have a Russian bathhouse bannik. He likes vodka and you usually have to bribe him to get him to help. We also have an amazing oasis of a backyard with a 5000 gallon koi pond, waterfall and many trees. My partner and I made it ourselves with a mantis tiller and lots of raking and hauling of dirt, rock and mulch. It’s imbued with lots of creative spirit and when we get stuck, we just go out, sit beside it and feed the fish. Highly useful.

  2. Well first you have to tell about this “sparkle zone”, that sounds like fun.

    And when I get stuck it helps me to start tidying up the kitchen, or sweeping the floor, any of those daily tasks seem to help, and if that doesn’t do it, then a walk outside with my dog and cat meandering around with me can give me inspiration. Picking up rocks and cool pieces of wood and just feeling grateful for all the beauty of this place is a good way to get the ideas flowing. But if none of those things do it, I grab the old scrap clay and start making hearts or bookmarks and simple stuff with different canes and before you know it, I’m thinking of other cool ideas, and usually it just goes from there. I almost never sit down with the clay and have a plan in my head, I just like to see what happens. I love to draw too and have been dabbling with acrylic paints on canvas and just getting lost in all the pretty colors. And it always helps to open a few fun emails and see what other people are up to sometimes, seems there is always some inspiration in those.
    And thanks for asking, and making me really think about it and for all your posts, I love seeing the Blue Bottle Tree in the list and Katie and her sweet little critters, and so many many talented people to hear from, if you don’t get inspired doing that, the block may be more serious than you first thought and it’s time to really be concerned. 🙂 I haven’t had that problem yet, not to that extent.

  3. Lol. When I read the title, I thought you meant a real shower fairy. Like everyone needs one, and if you don’t have one, you’d better sit down and get to makin’ one!! A vague assignment, totally out of the blue, to get me out of my rut and thinking about things I’d never thought of before!! A little like a prompt for a creative writing assignment, which got the juices flowing. Thanks!!!

  4. I find that working on my miniature gardens relaxes me, and gives me fresh ideas. My forest garden, meadow garden, and succulent garden all transport me into peacefullness and this recharges my thinking and creativity. Each one has a ‘zen’ area- a little pond with moss around it and a picnic basket, a picnic table set with my miniature foods, etc. now if I could figure out why many of my ‘thin’ projects have bubbles after baking that ruin their look, I’d be content..

    1. You have clay gardens? Sounds wonderful and I’d love to see pictures! What clay are you using that has little bubbles after baking? I have the same trouble with Kato and learned recently how to prevent it, but it only works for flat pieces. Press a piece of paper onto the surface for the first half of baking, then remove. Apparently that lets the steam in the bubble escape while keeping the surface flat. Worth a try!

      1. Thanks for the tip. I will try it this week. With the miniature gardens, I meant they relax me and give me inspiration for clay ideas.I use baskets, and other pots, and plants but I make the accesories out of clay like fairy doors, fences, animals, mushrooms, rocks,stepping stones, birdbaths,foods,etc. I’m still a newbie so they’re a bit rough, but look so cute.I only had trouble with the really thin items, like baby onesies magnets made for a new mother. I will try to post some pictures but they aren’t anywhere near the great work you do!

        1. Sharon!? I would love to see your photos of your miniature gardens too. I haven’t a clue on how to go about creating one for my self but… 🙂

  5. I love your blog, Ginger! My shower fairy is music–I play something really upbeat and start playing with my clay. That’s when I’m most creative.

    1. Thank you. You know what they say, music soothes the savage beast. I also put on music when I am busy in the studio. It changes the whole energy of the room. It’s magic.

  6. Yarned Together

    For me, it’s after sleeping or during sleep where I see things fall into place. Upon waking, I can then usually accomplish or create what I’ve seen/thought of in the dream. Sounds crazy huh? lol

    1. I’ve heard of people keeping notebooks next to their bed so they can write down those things that come to them in the night. I guess the term “sleep on it” really does apply. Doesn’t sound crazy to me at all.

  7. Yes! I never thought of calling it the shower fairy but that’s a great way to describe what happens. Sometimes that ah ha moment comes just as I’m stepping out of the shower having had a completely blank mind up until that very moment. Then Wham! Suddenly there’s a complete thought. A solution. A new way of thinking of some problem. Yes! Shower Fairy it is, indeed! Thanks for giving it a name.

    1. Isn’t it funny how those ideas truly do come flying in out of nowhere? I suppose our subconscious is working on it behind the scenes, but it still amazes me how unprovoked those great idea are.

  8. ladyflowersbysusan

    For me, if the shower (the psychic phone booth) hasn’t worked, I go for a walk. I am pretty sure that the rhythmic alternation between right hemisphere (which runs my left leg) and left hemisphere (which runs my right leg) brings logic and creativity together and allows an epiphany, a solution to the creative dilemma I face to emerge.

    1. I read somewhere that rhythmic body motions (such a knitting, walking, coloring) helps calm the “monkey brain” and lets thoughts percolate to the surface more easily. I haven’t found it to be true, though. I do a lot of hiking over long distances and you’d think I’d be full of thoughts, but I end up doing dumb things like counting or chanting or singing pointless songs over and over. Weird. Total silence is my drug. Silence and absolute stillness works for me. But do I ever get that? Um…nope. 🙂

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