Do you have a shower fairy?

When my husband Gary has worked on a frustrating project and is at a standstill and can’t think of a solution, he often remarks that he needs to go visit the shower fairy. For some reason, his subconscious mind goes into overdrive and more often than not he comes out of the shower with new ideas.

The shower doesn’t work for me, though. I find that a cup of coffee and time in my backyard is the ticket to creative thought. In the winter, I’m at my most creative when sitting in the sunbeams of my “sparkle zone“. Times like that it feels like my mind works in overdrive and every thought is clear and effortless.

Some people can always rely on having these creative wellsprings bubble to the surface when they go on a long run or sit in nature. Others find it easiest when they’re busy working on a mindless task.

So what works best for you? Do you need silence or is background noise better? Does music help? Would you rather be alone or with others? Give it some thought and try to identify your best times and places for creativity. What is your shower fairy?Heavenly blue morning glory flower with the sun shining through it.

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