Seeing Sunsets

Last week we walked out of Wal-Mart just as the sun was setting into a most extraordinary sunset. A brilliant orange streak reached across three-quarters of the sky and the radiance of the sun was breathtaking. We both took in a deep breath and watched for a moment, stunned. As one does when they see a gorgeous sunset.

Or do they?

I looked around at the other people in the parking lot, expecting to see others gawking at the gorgeousness. I expected to give a grin and a nod and smile at the strangers around me, sharing in this golden moment. But nobody was looking at it. Nobody seemed to care. Why were they not jumping up and down and pointing at it? Why weren’t they poking the person next to them and sharing? Did they even see it?

And it makes me wonder. Are some people just unmoved by beauty? Or do they see so much that a mere sunset is nothing special? Do people just not care? I suppose people were busy with their own minds, eager to get home and cook dinner and relax for the night. But I can’t help but wonder, wouldn’t your day be brighter, just a bit better, if you had seen and appreciated that sunset?


4 thoughts on “Seeing Sunsets”

  1. Your sunset is very much akin to “stop and smell the roses” but people get anesthetized. They’re busy, busy, busy. I for one really miss seeing sunsets now that I live surrounded by trees in a valley. Thanks for reminding me of what they look like.

    1. I know I get too busy and lose my enjoyment of things. I get harried and self absorbed. Probably need to change that. What is life without metaphorical roses?

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