Now Available: PYM II in Europe!

PYM II is an aerosol spray coating and it cannot be shipped by air because of shipping regulations. This means that an overseas company can’t just order a box of PYM II cans. It has to be imported through a process that involves rules and regulations and lots of paperwork. Two companies in Europe have chosen to go through this process. Happy Things in the Netherlands and Hobbyrian in Sweden are now both stocking PYM II spray sealer.

What is PYM II?

PYM II is now available at Happy Things in the Netherlands, shipping to all of the EU.Polymer clay can be rather finicky and it’s difficult to find sealers that are durable and don’t interact with the chemicals in the clay leading to a sticky surface. This is particularly true for aerosol spray sealers. In fact, PYM II is the only spray sealer that I know of which is 100% compatible with polymer clay. It’s a slightly glossy aerosol spray that works wonderfully to seal mica powders, paints, chalks, Inka Gold, Gilders Paste, patinas, and much more on polymer clay. If you ever want to seal your polymer clay and you’re afraid that using a brush will leave bubbles, streaks, or disturb the surface treatment, PYM II is the answer. It gives a very light, durable, invisible coating with a very mild sheen. It’s not matte, but it’s not glossy by any means.

There are a lot of things to love about PYM II and I won’t repeat them all here. But if you’d like to know more about it, I wrote a comprehensive review of PYM II. The article gives examples of ways to use it and shows pictures of how it works in various situations.

I’ve been working with other spray sealers in the past few days, and have to say once again how much I prefer using PYM II. It’s just that good. Really.

Buying PYM II in Europe

PYM II a funny name that stands for “Preserve Your Memories” and it’s made by a very small company in the US. The company does not have many distributors and outlets around the world, and it’s not available in many stores. Because PYM II is an aerosol spray, there are specific regulations, in the US, for shipping it. And this means that it can’t be shipped by air. This means that, until now, you couldn’t buy PYM II in Europe. But now that’s changed. Thanks to Happy Things, a polymer clay shop in the Netherlands, PYM II is available in Europe.

Here’s the listing on the Happy Things website. It can be shipped to any of the 27 countries of the EU. This means that clayers in Germany, the UK, Italy, Czech Republic, and aren’t left out any longer. Thank you Maria for making this happen!

And Karolina from Hobbyrian in Sweden is also providing PYM II to her customers. She’s the only polymer clay supplier in the Nordic countries, by the way.

Buying PYM II Around the World

Like the sound of this PYM II stuff and want it where you are? My favorite place to buy PYM II in the US is at Poly Clay Play. And if you’re in Canada, that means you’ll check in at Shades of Clay to buy it. There are limited retailers around the world in a few more places. You can see a list of places to buy PYM II here on their website.

If you can’t get PYM II where you live, such as in Australia, you might find that you like using Helmar Crystal Kote Matte spray. You can read more about that spray and how it works on polymer clay here.

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