Learn how to sand and buff polymer clay, including all about sandpapers, buffers, machines, tumbling, and even if sanding is really needed. Huge 120 page ebook covers all!
sand-buff-screenshot-4Here's a screenshot of a page from the Sanding and Buffing in Polymer Clay eBook.Here's a screenshot of a page from the Sanding and Buffing in Polymer Clay eBook.Here's a screenshot of a page from the Sanding and Buffing in Polymer Clay eBook.The Sanding and Buffing Polymer Clay eBook includes a bonus tutorial showing how I created this beautiful mica shift piece.The sanding tutorials included in the Sanding and Buffing eBook show every step of how to get this high gloss shine with no varnish.Learn how to buff to a very high gloss glass-like shine with the Sanding and Buffing Polymer Clay eBook.Even sanded to 12000 grit, this mica shift piece is still hazy before buffing.

Sanding and Buffing Polymer Clay

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(22 customer reviews)

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Don't sand harder, sand better! Everyone loves a perfectly smooth, glassy finish, but it seems to be elusive. Does your polymer clay look scratched and rough after sanding? Can't get a good shine, no matter how much you buff? Are you tired of sanded fingertips, sore shoulders, and cramped fingers? I address this in my 120 page eBook about Sanding and Buffing Polymer Clay. There are 173 high resolution photos making every step crystal clear.
This is not a tutorial. It's a comprehensive eBook that examines and explores many strategies to help you get a beautiful finish on your polymer clay. Two sanding tutorials are included. The Basic Sanding Tutorial teaches you how to get a perfect finish with materials readily available from your local hardware store. The Luxurious Sanding Tutorial takes this process further by introducing you to exceptional sanding and buffing materials that save labor and give fantastic results. There's even a bonus Mica Shift Tutorial that teaches you my favorite method of creating lovely pearlescent illusion images deep within polymer clay.
The Sanding and Buffing in Polymer Clay eBook teaches you how to prepare your project before baking, how make sanding easier, how to modify buffing wheels for best results, and how to seal and varnish your work. There's a Troubleshooting section, too, dealing with common sanding problems and addressing common sanding myths. A full resource section is included with sources provided for products and materials introduced in the eBook.
This PDF file is around 7MB and can be downloaded immediately after purchase. The eBook is formatted to be readable on any computer or device and features new navigation features.
The Sanding and Buffing Polymer Clay eBook is part of my Knowledge Base Series, which features a selection of comprehensive eBooks that go into far more detail than is practical in my website articles.

Product Description

After purchase of the Sanding and Buffing in Polymer Clay eBook, you’ll get an email with a link to download the file. It will be a professionally formatted PDF document that’s easily viewed on your computer, laptop, phone, or other device. My tutorials and eBooks are very comprehensive, well organized, professionally laid out, and remarkably easy to follow. They include a table of contents, lots of tips and tricks, and include a resources section for where you can find supplies. Your purchase includes full customer support by email by which I’m available to help you enjoy your eBook to the fullest.

Please note, this is a non-refundable item.

Text and images in this tutorial are Copyright © 2016 by Ginger Davis Allman, of The Blue Bottle Tree, all rights reserved. That means you can’t share this eBook, teach or give it to friends, post the file or contents online, or sell it, etc. However, your creations are always yours to sell, share, and enjoy as you desire. I always appreciate credit and a shout-out whenever possible. Thank you!

22 reviews for Sanding and Buffing Polymer Clay

  1. 5 out of 5


    Just finished reading the tutorial and it is one of the most comprehensive guides/ebooks that I’ve seen on this subject. Every type of sanding and buffing method is discussed in detail. Thus, I recommend it for newbies and advanced polymer clay artists. In addition, there is even a section on mica shift which was quite nice. Ginger has definitely outdone herself with this one.

  2. 5 out of 5


    Brilliantly comprehensive and clear, with an enormous range of content. Meticulously clear comparisons and illustrations. Awesome amount of work and experience condensed into a very readable publication. One of those books you know you will refer back to again and again. Well worth the investment.

  3. 5 out of 5


    Ginger has done it again. I bought this mammoth-sized tutorial without knowing anything about it, just that Ginger wrote it and it went on sale that morning. That was all I needed to know. The polymer clay community is blessed beyond measure that Ginger is as competent a scientist as she is an artist. As expected, this 100-plus guide is packed full of tips, instructions, product guides and just plain genius explanations concerning finishing any possible clay piece you could ever imagine, from journal covers to beads. Sanding and finishing was a complete nightmare for me, and I wish Ginger had written this a few years ago… however, even the most experienced PC artists will find useful information in this tutorial. WELL worth the money, and in my opinion, she could have charged double (or more) and I would have still bought it. You will NOT have any questions about finishing your work after reading this, and I’ve already changed a few things I do, too, much to my benefit. Thanks, Ginger!!!

  4. 5 out of 5


    Everything you could ever want to know about sanding and buffing polymer in one easy to follow tutorial. Ginger is an excellent teacher and so thorough, you won’t need any other reference on this subject. Thank you Ginger.

  5. :

    As a baby my first word was “why”. To this day I need to know why and Ginger gives you all the answers in her tutorials. It’s easy to tell someone what to do, but why it works and how you get there is Ginger’s forte. More than anyone else I look forward to Ginger’s monthly newsletters and absorb every word. Have a happy vacation Ginger.

  6. 5 out of 5


    Ginger has done it once again! She doesn’t just tell you how to sand-she tells you why you would want to! She doesn’t promise it will be fun (it isn’t), but she does promise to teach you how to do it more efficiently. And totally delivers on that promise. Thanks, Ginger.

  7. 5 out of 5


    Excellent tutorial. The information and details are well explained. I really liked the suggested products to use.

    I highly recommend to anyone wanting to get great results sanding and polishing their polymer clay products.

    Thanks, Ginger

  8. 5 out of 5


    Answers all my questions about finishing pieces, something that isn’t always in the other books I have on polymer clay. Definitely a must read for anyone working in this medium!

  9. :

    This was a great book! The information answered questions I have been researching, unsuccessfully, for years!

  10. 5 out of 5


    This is a marvelous book. The writing and photos are clear and thorough. I’ve been claying for many years, but I still learned a lot. I’ll be purchasing some new supplies, soon! Thanks for all your hard work on this and all your other projects, Ginger.

  11. 5 out of 5


    An excellent guide to achieving the optimum shine on clay! It is clear to follow, and the photos enhance and clarify the instructions. The information about materials to use was particularly helpful.

  12. 5 out of 5


    Another of Ginger’s great tutorials! It is very comprehensive and what i really appreciate is, that she includes not just US, but also European standards. I love the mica tutorial in the end! However, i might be old fashioned, since this is quite a large tutorial, i would have almost liked it better in a book format, so flipping back and forth would be a bit easier. However, i am a book worm….
    Thank you once again for this wonderful and insigntdul tutorial!

  13. 5 out of 5


    More information than I could have imagined! As usual, a really comprehensive piece of work. Ginger is so generous in sharing all of her findings, and very thorough in exploring and researching. This is a great value, considerately including ordering links for esoteric supplies. Thanks for this resource!

  14. 5 out of 5


    Ginger takes us through everything we need to know on sanding, polishing, buffing, supplies needed and lots of tips in this well written Ebook. Although I have been sanding and using the JoolTool for a long time, there were still some things I learned about sanding and the supplies she prefers to use. You can always teach an old dog new tricks and I for one did learn some. Because she backs everything up with research and testing you can pretty much rely on the information she gathers for her ebooks and tutorials to be 100% accurate. I certainly recommend this one to be a staple in your PC library and for what you get the cost is very reasonable.

  15. 5 out of 5


    What a FANTASTIC tutorial, Ginger! It is packed with so much information, you will find yourself referring back to it again and again.

    I didn’t realize how much more difficult and time consuming I was making sanding until I found out how to do it correctly. And let me tell you how much I love the products Ginger recommends. They really do make a tremendous difference in the final results. I’m sure I never would have found them on my own, but now I couldn’t live without them.

    If you are new to polymer clay, you should definitely get this tutorial. You will learn the right way from the beginning. For those with experience, you need this in your library too. Ginger’s information is so in-depth, you will learn things no matter how long you’ve been claying.

    The price is extremely reasonable for all that you get. Such a bargain for all the time and effort that went into this.

    Thanks Ginger for another great tutorial!

  16. 5 out of 5


    Absolutely fantastic tutorial, so clear and detailed and loads of information to help you get that amazing finish! Very much worth buying!

  17. 5 out of 5


    I have been designing and handcrafting jewelry for a while now using crystals, chains, and other ‘found’ materials. I have recently begun playing with polymer clay and I just love it. this e-book is loaded with great information. Thank you.

  18. 5 out of 5


    What a terrific compendium of information! So much research done for us…. Thanks for another wonderful work, looking forward to trying this out!

  19. 5 out of 5


    Well, I have to say I a very impressed with this book. I seriously wondered why a book was needed for something so seemingly simple, but now I get it. I am just amazed at how much better and more professional looking my clay pieces are now. And I’m not even finished with them! I still get to buff them but want to wait until morning and the better light to see with. Wow, I can hardly wait to see how they look then, but to be honest, I would be very thrilled with them just the way they are now. This has definitely brought my brought my work to a whole new level and I think I may be just about ready to start selling some projects on Etsy or some such. I have been hesitant to do that because I am still fairly new to the clay and don’t want to look like an amateur. Something has been missing from my stuff and now I know it was the finishing. Well, that and other problems, like consistency, etc. But my point is, this book is a must have for anyone that plays with the clay, I’ve learned a lot more than just how to hold sandpaper properly or what paper is best. I learned things I didn’t even know I needed but now won’t go without. By the way, I LOVE that Abranet mesh, it’s the Bees Knees for sanding and although its a little spendy, it is well worth it and I bet in the long run, the quality will more than make up for the extra cents spent. This is a well thought out, researched and hand- tested book and I know I will use it often. I especially love all the options you give for each product as well as where to buy it for the best price, saving me a lot of searching. And I went with the stuff you said were your favorites, and I’m not disappointed. Well done Ginger, you write a very easy to understand, yet thorough text and I give it five stars only because there weren’t 20. 🙂 Pam Lame (A very satisfied customer)

  20. 5 out of 5


    Ginger’s tutorials are the best I have ever bought, I’m totally fond of them and I bought all of them..
    They are so precise, detailed and comprehensive.
    I warmly recommend these tutorials !!!

  21. 5 out of 5


    When it first came out, I had purchased Ginger’s book on sanding and buffing.

    Today, I found some of the products (locally even!) that she had recommends in there for sanding, and OH MY GOD it’s a complete game-changer!!
    This stuff is amazing, and the tips for using it were perfect.
    I’ve been pressing too hard while sanding polymer (I’m too used to wood working), and today after finding my little treasures, I tried softening how hard I press.
    Sort of “petted” instead of “sanding”
    Or remember when you were early teens, and your parents had you do the dishes, but really, you just sorta ran the washcloth over the plate with as little effort as you humanly could?
    Like that.
    I cant stop petting my lentil bead now! It went from being a “Meh I could toss it” pieces because of the imperfections and the doming issue, to now one of my favourites.
    The sanding sorta revealed a whole new level of “ooohhh” to it, and I WILL post pictures later.
    Even better!?
    MY HANDS! They dont feel like I’ve sanded them (what a concept I know)
    Of course there’s going to be Sander To Skin contact… I’m just too negligent for there not to be, but there’s no rough spots or redness or stinging. I’m QUITE happy about that lol
    Next up is to utilise some of those pointers in her buffing section to get my glass-like finish.
    She touches on a whole BUNCH of sanding products and techniques in her Sanding chapter, and in her Buffing chapter she’s given examples of commonly used products that work (and utterly fail – guess which ones I own), in addition to how to make new little toys to get around these. She touches on the use of buffing polish with wheels, and other products to and not to use.
    Really this book is a whole ton more than “how to wet-sand”. She touches on so much more than just wet sanding or dry sanding or anything that could ever be covered by a little youtube video.
    If you haven’t picked up this book, you really should. I’ve developed a lot of bad habits and assumptions about sanding over the years, and this was a really fantastic wake-up call on a number of things.

  22. 5 out of 5


    This is the first time I have bought a tutorial. I am so impressed. The content and pictures are brilliant. I will definitely be buying more. I would highly recommend this.

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