Holo Effect Tutorial in Polymer Clay

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It was a hot day at the Chihuly exhibit as strangers packed into the glass elevator to rise four stories. Suddenly a voice spoke to me, “I love your necklace. It really caught my eye.” That's the Holo Effect. Jewelry made with the Holo Effect will be noticed. It is eye-catching. It's magical, mysterious, and seems to glow from within, especially in low light. Five projects are included in this tutorial, each introducing a different way to use the Holo Effect in your polymer clay and mixed media art. It's a perfect decorative addition to your art journals, fairy gardens and houses, mosaic tiles, trinket boxes, holiday ornaments, and of course, jewelry.

This easy tutorial is suitable for all levels, but if you’re new to polymer I recommend adding the Polymer Clay Essentials eBook to your order.

Recently updated and expanded, the Holo Effect Tutorial is nearly 60 pages long and contains 131 beautiful photographs. There are five projects, each showing a different way to use and construct the Holo Effect, including a simple pendant, a domed pendant, a simple framed ornament, post earrings, and a cutter-shaped ornament. You will easily see from these examples how to adapt the idea and use the Holo Effect in your projects.

All of the items required to produce the Holo Effect can be purchased at your local craft store in the US. (Non-US purchasers of the tutorial will also be given a link to purchase some inexpensive materials from my website if they’re not able to find them locally.) ***Note*** Resin is not required to use the technique, though I do recommend it as the best choice. You can still get excellent results with Fimo Deco Gel or Sculpey Clear.

Read a review of this tutorial by Kater’s Acres here.

What to Expect

After purchase, you’ll get an email with a link to download your tutorial(s). The tutorial is a professionally formatted PDF document that’s easily viewed on your computer, laptop, phone, or other device. My tutorials include a table of contents, lots of tips and tricks, and include a resources section for where you can find supplies. Your purchase includes full customer support by email by which I’m available to help you enjoy your tutorial to the fullest.

Please note, this is a non-refundable item.

Text and images in this tutorial are Copyright © 2013-2017 by Ginger Davis Allman, of The Blue Bottle Tree, all rights reserved. That means you can’t share this tutorial, teach or give it to friends, post the file or contents online, or sell it, etc. However, your creations are always yours to sell, share, and enjoy as you desire. I always appreciate credit and a shout-out whenever possible. Thank you!

38 reviews for Holo Effect Tutorial in Polymer Clay

  1. Kristie

    You cannot go wrong with a tutorial from Ginger, and this one is especially exciting. She has developed a technique that opens a whole new avenue of exploration and creativity. The tutorial is clearly written, with numerous photos to help and inspire along the way. Exceptional!

  2. Caroline Lemire

    Awesome ! I’m a new polymer clay player, this tutorial offer me alot inspiration. Thanks (sorry i’m french so my english is not good)

  3. Rita Gjefle

    Excellent tutorial! Made it so I could take my jewelry to another level.

  4. Jan Pini

    As with all of Ginger’s tutorials, this one was great! Well written, many pictures, excellent detailed steps. I highly recommend all of Ginger’s tutorials (and I have many…)!

  5. Jessie Ashman

    This tutorial was amazing! Wonderful, clear instructions and fun projects to do! I’ve created quite a number of pendants with the Holo Effect and I get compliments every time I wear one. If you’re considering buying this tutorial, it’s more than worth it! Thanks, Ginger!

  6. Marlies Möckli

    This tutorial is a must for all polymer clay enthusiasts! As in all her tutorials, Ginger explains all the basics and so much more. The tutorial is easy to read and absolutely not boring! Only one way to know: buy it, you will not regret it!

  7. sue gunter

    Great tutorial -easy to follow an I was sucessfull right away with project. I`m very happy with what I made .

  8. Jackie Heron

    Halo Effects eBook is an inspiring technique presented by a motivating and encouraging instructor. Many features contribute to this book’s excellence. 1.) Ginger responds to your questions via email quickly. 2.) She has an extensive library of posts she freely shares and refers to for additional information on a specific topic in her ebooks is extremely helpful. 3.) Her list of resources is a gift. Saves a lot of time trying to find certain tools or/and supplies. 4.) Ginger makes learning to use polymer clay ‘fun for us old ladies’. As a commissioned Community Faith Nurse I envision this technique as angelic. Love it!

  9. Beth

    The Holo Effect is an excellent tutorial! The process is explained in considerable detail, and great clarity, with plenty of pictures to demonstrate, while remaining open to individual variations and ideas. It’s a technique tutorial that includes several different ideas for using the holo look. Your imagination really is the limit!

  10. Stormwinds

    Once you learn about this one you won’t wanna stop trying it out! So much flashy goodness to be had!

    The tutorial itself is comprehensive in directions, tips, and advice. I am always impressed to see the testing and troubleshooting done by the Blue Bottle Tree. Questions are typically anticipated and answered in the work done here.

    Consideration is given to all levels of expertise.

    Various project ideas are provided to make this a versatile technique, adaptable to several arenas in polymer clay art.

  11. Leslie

    I’ve had such beautiful results from making items as a result of purchasing this tutorial! I wouldn’t have known where to even begin were it not for this tutorial and Ginger’s clear and concise step by step instructions in this guide. Another “must have” tutorial from Ginger’s collection!

  12. Doreen Neilley

    I have bought several of Ginger’s polymer clay tutorials, and the Holo Effect tut is my very favourite. All of her tutorials display the obvious amount of time and care that she puts into them, but the Holo Effect tut is an incredible amount of fun on top of that attention to detail! The ability to use dollar store materials to turn clay pieces into out of this world jewelry and ornaments by using fairly simple techniques (once Ginger explains them in her succinct prose and numerous clear photos) is great. And the pieces created by others who have bought the Holo Effect tutorial and shared them with us are a great way to get me inspired when I am blocked.

    Thank you SO much, Ginger!

  13. Summer Ross

    First let me say I was surprised by how easy this was to follow. Then even more still by the different options given to apply this effect. I have been able to make several fun pieces from this tutorial, and though it seems to be used for pendants I’m finding other uses for it like in ornaments for Christmas this year as well as festive decorations for commissioned orders.
    I love this special effect and it was well worth my money to have this tutorial.

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