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One of my favorite things to do is to compare several products against each other and see how they compare when used with polymer clay. The sealer tests below were very illuminating, and of course it's always fun to see what happens when you do things like submerge clay in water for six months or run your clay through the washing machine or dishwasher for months on end. Read on to see what I've been up to!

Spray Sealer for Polymer Clay
Looking for a spray sealer for polymer clay? Most of them will turn your clay sticky, so check here to see which ones are okay to use.
Cernit Metallic Review
You might have seen this luscious video by Ana Belchí showing off an exquisite new line of clay by Cernit.[...]
Metallic Polymer Clay – A brand comparison
With the launch of the new Cernit Metallic colors (see the review here), there's been a renewed interest in metallic[...]
Pearl Ex Color Chart and Comparison Tool
Polymer clay enthusiasts have always loved Pearl Ex mica powders. They bring shimmer and shine to our projects! But knowing[...]
Helmar Spray Varnish for Polymer Clay
Have you been searching for a spray varnish for polymer clay? Most will remain sticky, but here's one that gives a perfectly invisible matte finish.
Comparing Liquid Polymer Clay Brands as a Coating
What is liquid polymer clay and how does one brand compare to another? Learn about TLS, Liquid Kato, Liquid Fimo, and the new Sculpey Transparent (Clear)
Testing 41 Polymer Clay Sealers
Polymer clay sealers can be sticky, peel off, and turn cloudy. Are you using the best products on your polymer clay projects? Compare over 40 varnishes. Read more....
Testing: Coloring Translucent Premo
Read about tests of coloring translucent Premo polymer clay with art materials. Can you use paints, chalk, and inks to make colored clay? Learn more...
Does Polymer Clay Melt Plastic?
There are lots of ominous warnings. But does polymer clay melt plastic? If so, which ones? Which plastics are safe to use with polymer? Learn more here!
Using Eye Shadow with Polymer Clay
Have you ever wondered if you could use eye shadow with polymer clay? Much like mica powder and/or chalk pastels, makeup can be used on unbaked polymer clay. Read more...
Polymer Clay in the Dishwasher
Find out about the durability of polymer clay in the dishwasher. Does it need to be sealed? What sealers work best?
Pardo Colored Translucent Clay
Did you know that you can purchase colored translucent clay that already has the color added? Learn the brands and see what the colors actually look like.
8 Ways to Create a Metallic Look on Polymer Clay
Have you ever wondered how to make the best metallic look on polymer clay? I compare 8 methods so you can see which will work best for your project.
UV Reactive Polymer Clay Designs
A couple of days ago I wrote about optical brighteners, or fluorescent dyes, in polymer clay. Some colors and brands of[...]
Optical Brighteners in Polymer Clay
In all the reading I've done about polymer clay, I don't think I've ever seen any mention of optical brighteners[...]
Testing Metallic Paints on Polymer Clay
One of the things we love to do when working with polymer clay is to add a little bit of[...]
Testing : Can You Wash Polymer Clay Buttons?
Polymer clay is so versatile and you can make so many things with it, that it's a natural choice for[...]
Amazing Mold Putty vs EasyMold
Amazing Mold Putty and EasyMold are two very commonly available brands of RTV silicone rubber molding putty. What are the[...]
Testing VerDay Paint & Patina for Bead Chat Magazine
Last month Melinda Orr, the creator of Artisan Whimsy invited me to test VerDay Paint & Patina for the 5x5 Test feature[...]
Coloring Translucent Polymer Clay with Alcohol Inks
I get a lot of questions about coloring translucent polymer clay. For a color junkie like me, one of my[...]
Which is the clearest Translucent Polymer Clay?
Much has been said recently about Translucent Pardo Professional Art Clay. It's a polymer clay that has been rumored to[...]

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