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Before we buy a product, we always want to check the reviews, right? But most of the items we use in polymer clay are also used in different applications. So finding polymer clay reviews of products is difficult. That's why I have explored and tested these polymer clay-friendly products and I've shared by findings and results with you here. 

Fimo Leather Review – A New Polymer Clay
Last month, Staedtler came out with a new range in the Fimo line of polymer clay. Fimo Leather is the[...]
Lucy Clay LC Mini Slicer Review
This second-generation mini slicer from Lucy Clay Tools works like a dream. And it's a wooden kit you put together yourself. Say what? Yup!
A Great Way to Store Polymer Clay Canes
I've tried a ton of methods to store polymer clay canes, and most have been problematic. This method solves those problems and makes storage easy.
Spray Sealer for Polymer Clay
Looking for a spray sealer for polymer clay? Most of them will turn your clay sticky, so check here to see which ones are okay to use.
Cernit Metallic Review
You might have seen this luscious video by Ana Belchí showing off an exquisite new line of clay by Cernit.[...]
Metallic Polymer Clay – A brand comparison
With the launch of the new Cernit Metallic colors (see the review here), there's been a renewed interest in metallic[...]
Understanding Sculpey’s Liquid Clay Brands
It seems that there's a lot of confusion about the Sculpey's liquid clay brands. Sculpey Clear? Transparent? Bake and Bond?[...]
Tools and Materials I Use in my Studio
In order to best advise my readers on good tools, materials, and supplies (and how to use them), I explore[...]
Czextruder Review – Polymer Clay Extruder
Read this Czextruder review to learn about the updated 2018 HD model of the Czextruder polymer clay extruder and the new magnetic LC Base.
Pearl Ex Color Chart and Comparison Tool
Polymer clay enthusiasts have always loved Pearl Ex mica powders. They bring shimmer and shine to our projects! But knowing[...]
Helmar Spray Varnish for Polymer Clay
Have you been searching for a spray varnish for polymer clay? Most will remain sticky, but here's one that gives a perfectly invisible matte finish.
Polymer Clay Magazines to Read and Enjoy
You might have heard that print is dead. Not true! These high-quality polymer clay magazines bring fresh ideas, tutorials, news, and concepts to your art.
ImPRESSive Putty – A Review
ImPRESSive Putty is a reusable mold making putty that's perfect for making push molds and texture sheets. It's great with polymer clay, crafts, and DIY fun
Oyumaru, a Reusable Molding Material
Oyumaru thermoplastic from Japan that melts in hot water and can make reusable molds or small charms. It makes good texture stamps for polymer clay.
Comparing Liquid Polymer Clay Brands as a Coating
What is liquid polymer clay and how does one brand compare to another? Learn about TLS, Liquid Kato, Liquid Fimo, and the new Sculpey Transparent (Clear)
Testing 41 Polymer Clay Sealers
Polymer clay sealers can be sticky, peel off, and turn cloudy. Are you using the best products on your polymer clay projects? Compare over 40 varnishes. Read more....
What’s the Best Pasta Machine for Polymer Clay?
So you're new to polymer clay and are ready to buy your first pasta machine. Or you're an experienced clayer[...]
LC Machine Polymer Clay Roller – A Review
The LC Machine is the innovative new polymer clay rolling and sheeting machine from Lucy Clay Tools. Find out what makes it different in this review.
Dream Machine Polymer Clay Roller – A Review
Curious about the Dream Machine polymer clay roller? This review gives an overview of the features and helps you decide if it is the best clay machine. Read more...
Imperia Pasta Machine for Polymer Clay
The Atlas is not the only name-brand Italian pasta machine that works well with polymer clay. Another brand is Imperia. It's sturdy, well-made, and has scraper blades that are very easy to clean. Read more....
Atlas Pasta Machines for Polymer Clay – A Review
When working with polymer clay, one of the most important tools to help you with conditioning, mixing, and sheeting polymer[...]
Poly-Fast Sanding Machine for Polymer Clay
Do you hate sanding polymer clay? Learn about the Poly-Fast sanding machine and why it makes sanding your beads and creations much easier....
Cheap Pasta Machines for Polymer Clay – A Review
Cheap pasta machines aren't always a good investment when you're looking for a polymer clay machine. Here is a review of three craft store clay machines.
Stampies Polymer Clay Stamps
Stampies are small stamps used with polymer clay. Read the review to learn more about them and find out how they can be used.
Kor Rollers, a Review
Like little patterned rolling pins, Kor Rollers are acrylic texture rollers used to make textures in sheets of polymer clay or precious metal clay. Read the review here...
Review of Cernit Polymer Clay
Cernit is a popular European brand of polymer clay. How is it different from other brands? Can you use it in the same way? Read more...
LC Baker, the Lucy Tools Bead Baking Rack
Learn about the LC Baker bead baking rack from Lucy Clay Tools and find out how it differs from other bead racks on the market.
What is the LC Angle Base?
If you have a Lucy Tools Slicer, you will also want to consider the LC Angle Base. Learn how this accessory is used and see it in action.
LC Slicer Review – Lucy Tools
Read all about the LC Slicer, the large slicer from Lucy Clay Tools. See lots of pictures, see what it can do, and find out how thin it can slice.
Freeform Wire Art Jewelry – A Book Review
Freeform Wire Art Jewelry is a new book by Gayle Bird that is perfect for teaching you new ways to turn your polymer clay beads into finished designs.
What’s the Best Polymer Clay Brand?
There are so many to choose from, how can I tell which is the best polymer clay brand? Find out which brand is the best for caning, sculpting, jewelry, charms, and more.
Pardo Colored Translucent Clay
Did you know that you can purchase colored translucent clay that already has the color added? Learn the brands and see what the colors actually look like.
Updated Czextruder HD Review
I previously reviewed the Czextruder XXL, but now that I have the Czextruder HD, I wanted to give you a bit of an update. Also, learn some tips on disk storage, and learn about the LC Vise.
The Czextruder: Is it worth the cost?
Have you heard the buzz about the Czextruder? People do love it, but is it worth the extra cost? Read my review and learn about the Czextruder XXL.
Kemper Wipe Out Tool
Sometimes you find a tool that's so handy that you wonder how you survived so long without it. That's the case with the Kemper Wipe Out Tool. Here's why!
CaBezel Molds
Have you ever wanted to create a bezel, or frame, around your polymer clay shape but weren't really sure how to[...]
Sculpey Tool Organizer Review
Have you seen the new Sculpey Tool Organizer? It's designed to hold polymer clay tools and keep them organized, but is it a good value? Does it work?
PVClay, a polymer clay from Brazil
Did you know that Brazil has its very own brand of polymer clay? PVClay is a high quality clay, comes in a full range of colors and is excellent to work with. Read all about it!
Testing Metallic Paints on Polymer Clay
One of the things we love to do when working with polymer clay is to add a little bit of[...]
Varathane – The Best Polymer Clay Sealer
We all have our favorite shampoo and conditioner. We have pretty strong opinions about the best brand of mayonnaise (or[...]
Working with Sculpey Soufflé – Part 2
Sculpey Souffle is a new polymer clay by Polyform advertised as being lightweight, strong, having a suede-like finish, and with[...]
Sculpey Soufflé Review – Part 1
Polyform, the maker of Premo and Sculpey polymer clay, has introduced a new line of polymer clay called Souffle. It[...]
Polymer Clay Bead Holes
How do you make holes in polymer clay beads? If you would have asked me that two weeks ago, I[...]
PYM II Polymer Clay Spray Sealer
NOTE: PYM II is no longer being manufactured and the remaining supplies are limited. Purchase now from your favorite retailer[...]
Amazing Mold Putty vs EasyMold
Amazing Mold Putty and EasyMold are two very commonly available brands of RTV silicone rubber molding putty. What are the[...]
Silicone Rubber Mold Material, an introduction
Silicone molds are becoming more popular in the craft world and you can very easily make your own. But trying[...]
Patchy Molds by Viva Decor, a Review
Hobby Lobby stores in the US have been carrying more products by Viva Decor and one of the latest new[...]
Micro Drill Pin Vise – Indispensable Tool Series
When you work in any art, craft, or hobby, there are always those certain tools that change everything. Once you[...]
Hobby Store Find – Microbrushes
I usually find everything I need at craft, art, and beading stores. But recently I went to a small, local[...]
Experiments with the Controlled Marbling Tutorial
All last fall on Flickr and Etsy I kept seeing wonderful striped polymer clay pendants and earrings made by Lynda[...]

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