Polymer Clay Suppliers and Vendors

A directory of polymer clay suppliers and vendors.

Countries Included

Here’s a directory listing of polymer clay suppliers and other shops that offer products that are valuable to polymer clayers around the world. The following entries are listed by country or economic region.

United States

Allegory Gallery

Website: https://allegorygallery.com
Contact: Andrew Thornton

Products: Beads, art, and jewelry

Clay Brands: None

Location: US – Also ships outside of US.
Physical Store: Yes.

Blueberry Beads

Website: https://blueberrybeads.com
Contact:  David LeBlanc

Products: Beads, polymer clay, tools and supplies.

Clay Brands: Cernit, Sculpey (Premo and Souffle), Pardo, Kato, Fimo, Darwi (air-dry)

Location: US – Ships worldwide
Physical Store: Yes.




Clay Brands: Cernit

Location: US – Also ships outside of US.
Physical Store: No.

 The Clay Republic

Website: www.theclayrepublic.com
We are also on www.theclayrepublic.etsy.com

Contact: Justin Platt

Products: Polymer Clay, Liquid Clay, Alcohol Inks, Clay Tools Including 3D Printed Shape Cutters

Clay Brands: Sculpey (Premo and Souffle), Cernit, Fimo, Kato, Papa’s

Location: Palm Beach Gardens, Florida, USA
We ship internationally to USPS-approved countries
Physical Store: Online Only

Clay Squared to Infinity

Website: https://claysquared.com/
Contact: Layl McDill

Products: Silly Millies (Millefiori Canes)

Clay Brands: Prism & Pro

Location: US – Also ships outside of US.
Physical Store: Yes.

Create Along

Website: http://www.createalong.com
Contact: Kira McCoy

Products: Silkscreens, cutters, texture sheets, stamps, Deco Discs and assorted tools

Clay Brands:

Location: US – Also ships outside of US.
Physical Store: No.

Creative Journey Studios (Filigree & More)

Website: https://www.creativejourneystudios.com
Contact: Sue Sutherland

Products: Polymer clay, tools, paints, silk screens, templates, stencils, brass filigree, panpastels, alcohol ink, Amate and Nunn bezels, colour shapers, jewelry making supplies, chain, wire, viton, leather, kor tools, blades, bracelet blanks, gold & silver leaf, Micro Mesh, Foredom tools, EuroTool products, PYM II, Renaissance Wax, Gilders’ Paste

Clay Brands: Sculpey Products;Fimo Products;Pardo, Cernit

Location: US – Ships to US. Contact for additional destinations.
Physical Store: Yes.

Ed Street

Website: https://www.edscolors.com

Products: custom pasta machines

Clay Brands: None

Location: Depends – Contact for details.
Physical Store: No.

Fountain City Clay Company

Website: https://annemarieshop.com/collections/fountain-city-clay-co/Clay

Products: Cernit (and earrings)

Clay Brands: Cernit

Location: US
Physical Store: No.


Website: https://www.etsy.com/shop/ikandiclay
Contact: Ivy Niles

Products: polymer clay canes

Clay Brands: None

Location: US – Also ships outside of US.
Physical Store: No.

Jembox Designs

Website: https://www.facebook.com/JemboxDesigns/
Contact: Jan Montarsi

Products: Skinner Blending templates and “The Create Template” And other small polymer clay hard to find tools.

Clay Brands: None

Location: US – Ships to US. Contact for additional destinations.
Physical Store: No.

Jennifer Patterson Designs

Website: https://www.jennypatdesigns.com/shop/polymer-clay-tools/5
Contact: Jenny Patterson

Products: Extruder Disks

Clay Brands: None

Location: US – Also ships outside of US.
Physical Store: No.

Mags Bonham

Website: https://www.etsy.com/shop/MagsBonham
Contact: Mags Bonham

Products: Earring templates, scrap templates, pin tools, sanding supplies, tutorial for making ‘building blocks’ slicer, Sculpey tools & clay assortments, rubber stamps, and templates for Silhouette Curio.

Clay Brands: Premo & Souffle

Location:VT, USA. Ships to US & Canada
Physical Store: No

Munro Crafts

Website: https://www.munrocrafts.com
Contact: Barb Munro

Products: Polymer Clay, Swarovski Crystal, Jewelry & Craft Supplies

Clay Brands: Kato Polyclay, Sculpey Products, Fimo Products

Location: US – Also ships outside of US.
Physical Store: Yes.

Naturescapes Studio

Website: https://naturescapesstudio.com
Contact: Linda Stiles Smith

Products: Providing clay artists with the tools they need to create with skill, ease and imagination.

Clay Brands: None

Location: US – Also ships outside of US.
Physical Store: No.

O Joy Creations

Website: https://ojoycreationsinc.com
Contact: Mari Joy Coleman

Products: 3D printed Cutters and Silk Screens

Clay Brand: None

Location: US Also Ships outside of US.
Physical Store: No

Poly Clay Play

Website: https://www.polyclayplay.com
Contact: Trish Hodgens

Products:  Polymer Clay, Ink, Powders, Rubber Stamps, Molds, Pastes, Paints and Waxes, Cutters, Books and more!

Clay Brands: Cernit, Fimo, Pardo and Premo

Location: US – Ships to US and Canada only.
Physical Store: No.

Polymer Clay Superstore

Website: https://www.polymerclaysuperstore.com

Products: Polymer clay, tools, books

Clay Brands: Sculpey, Cernit, Kato, Fimo, Papa’s Clay

Location: US – Also ships outside of US.
Physical Store: No.

Prairie Craft, Inc

Website: https://prairiecraft.com
Contact: Vernon Ezell

Products: Polymer Clay, tools, and supplies

Clay Brands: Kato Polyclay, Cernit

Location: US – Also ships outside of US.
Physical Store: No.

Tiny Pandora Crafting Boutique

Website: https://www.tinypandora.com
Contact: Teresa Pandora Salgado

Products: Tools & Kits Designed for Clayers

Clay Brands: None

Location: US – Also ships outside of US.
Physical Store: No.

ToniNZ – Polymer Clay Canes and Tutorials

Website: http://www.toninz.etsy.com
Contact: Toni Street

Products: Polymer Clay Canes and Tutorials

Clay Brands: None

Location: US – Also ships outside of US.
Physical Store: Yes.

Victoria James Art Real Textures

Website: http://www.victoriajamesart.com/realtextures/index.htm
Contact: Victoria James

Products: Handmade silicon texture sheets

Clay Brands: None

Location: US – Also ships outside of US.
Physical Store: No.


2wards Polymer Clay

Website: https://www.2wardspolymerclay.com.au/
Contact: Suzanne & Susannah Ward

Products: Polymer Clays, tools, findings, mixed media, resins etc. Distributor for LC Tools, NEVERknead, Kor Tools, Beadsmith plus 2wards own brand.

Clay Brands: Kato Polyclay, Sculpey Products, Fimo Products, Cernit, Pardo

Location: AU – Also ships outside of AU.
Physical Store: No.

Clay Craze Studio

Contact: Katrina Vo
Products: Polymer clay, cutters, texture sheets/plates/rollers, earring displays
Clay Brands: Sculpey, Cernit, Fimo
Location: AU – Also ships outside of AU
Physical Store: No

Clay Lady Downunder

Website: https://www.etsy.com/au/shop/ClayLadyDownUnder
Contact: Gilly Scott

Products: Clay cutters and slicers

Clay Brands:

Location: AU – Also ships outside of AU.
Physical Store: No.

Phoenix and Spruce

Website: Etsy.com.au/shop/Phoenixandspruce
also Phoenixandspruce.com
Contact: Federica Ras

Products: shape cutters, texture mats, embossing stamps, debossing stamps, rollers, acrylic earring stands, photo props, depth guides, silk screens. Polymer clay coming soon

Location: Australia, shipping worldwide
Physical store: no

The Little Craft House

Website: https://www.thelittlecrafthouse.com.au
Contact: John and Nicole

Products: Polymer Clay and accessories, Polymer Clay Cutters, Glitter, Alcohol Ink, Resin and Resin Accessories, Jewellery Findings

Clay Brands: Sculpey (SculpeyIII, Premo, Souffle), Fimo & Fimo Leather, Cernit, Pardo, Mont Marte

Location: Australia. Domestic postage only.
Physical Store: yes


Website:  https://www.myclayco.com.au/
Contact: Tegan

Products: Polymer Clay, Polymer Clay Cutters, Polymer Clay Tools, Pearl Ex Powders, Alcohol Ink, Moulds, Paint Pens, Resin and Resin Tools, Jewellery Findings and Charms

Clay Brands: Sculpey (Premo & Souffle), Cernit

Location: AU – shipping domestically and internationally
Physical Store: Yes.

The Whimsical Bead

Website: https://thewhimsicalbead.com.au
Contact: Dani Rapinett

Products: Polymer clay and jewelry-making supplies, plus kits

Clay Brands: Sculpey brands and Fimo Leather

Location: AU – not shipping internationally at the moment
Physical Store: No.

Over the Rainbow

Website: https://polymerclay.com.au/
Contact: Heather Richmond

Products: Supplies, jewellery supplies

Clay Brands: Sculpey, Fimo, Kato, Pardo

Location: AU – Also ships outside of AU.
Physical Store: No.



Website: https://beadcomber.etsy.com also Beadcomber / handmade supplies | Facebook

Contact: Tina Holden

Products: Silkscreens, Molds, Tutorials, Cabochons and Pendants

Clay Brands: none

Location: Vancouver Island, BC, Canada

Ships to: Canada, USA, Australia and New Zealand. Contact for additional locations.

Physical Store: Online Only

Garbe Design Group Inc.

Website: https://garbedesigngroup.com and also on Etsy
Contact: Gail Garbe

Products: The PRO Slicer for Polymer Clay as well as replacement blades, Imprint tools

Clay Brands: None

Location: CA – Also ships outside of CA.
Physical Store: No.

Helen Breil Designs

Website: http://www.helenbreil.com/
Contact: Helen Breil

Products: Rubber texture stamps, silkscreens and tutorials (Video & PDF formats)

Clay Brands: None

Location: CA – Also ships outside of CA.
Physical Store: No.

Joan Tayler Design

Website: https://www.etsy.com/ca/shop/JoanTaylerPCT

Contact: Joan Tayler

Products: Tutorials, rubber stamps, whistle forms, colour mixing

Clay Brands: None

Location: CA – Also ships to the USA.Physical Store: No.

Polymer Clay Canada

Website: https://polymerclaycanada.com/
Contact: Darya

Products: Polymer clay, tools, custom mixed polymer colors

Clay Brands: Sculpey III, Premo, Soufflé, Fimo

Location: CA – Also ships to USA.
Physical Store: No.

Shades of Clay

Website: https://shadesofclay.com/
Contact: Wendy Orlowski

Products: Polymer clay, alcohol inks, CaBezels, texture sheets, jewelry findings and cording, pasta machine/motors, cutters, tools, miscellaneous polymer clay and mixed media supplies

Clay Brands: Cernit; Sculpey Products

Location: CA – Also ships outside of CA .
Physical Store: No.

Czech Republic

The Rainbow

Website: https://www.therainbow.cz
Contact: Michaela Pecková

Products: silkscreens

Clay Brands: None

Location: CZ – Also ships outside of CZ.
Physical Store: No.

Lucy Clay

Website: https://www.lucyclay.com/
Contact: Jiri George Strunc (Note: Lucy is no longer part of Lucy Clay. Her company is Polymer Week, see below.)

Products: clay tools

Clay Brands: None

Location: CZ – Also ships outside of CZ.
Physical Store: No.

Polymer Week

Website: https://shop.polymerweek.com
Contact: Lucy Struncova

Products: Magazines, Books, Polymer Clay, Tools, Texture Stamps

Clay Brands: Premo, Fimo, Cernit

Location: Czech Republic, Ships worldwide
Physical Store: no



Website: https://polystudio.shop
Contact: Valérie Ronvel-Blaya aka Veesuel

Products: Polymer clay, acrylic paints, embossing powders, glitters, inks, mica powders, flakes, embellishments, wax patinas, foils, metal sheets, Swellegant, sands, tools, equipment, templates, molds and blanks, texture stamps, silk screens, stencils, finishing products (sanding, polishing, varnishes, resins), magazines

Clay Brands: Kato Polyclay;Sculpey Products;Fimo Products;Cernit;Pardo

Location: FR – Also ships outside of FR.
Physical Store: No.



Website: https://polymerclay.gr
Contact: Gabriela Simigdala

Products: Polymer clay, tools and workshops

Clay Brands: Kato Polyclay;Sculpey Products

Location: GR – Only ships to GR.
Physical Store: No.


 Süthető Gyurma

Website: https://suthetogyurma.hu/

Products: Polymer clay, tools, supplies

Clay Brands: Cernit, CosClay, Fimo, Kato, Monster Clay, air dry clays

Location: HU
Physical Store: No.



Website: https://www.lebimbi.net/

Contact: Elisa Vecchi
Products: clay, tools, pigments, alcohol inks, resin, acrylics, textures, stencils, cutters, findings, components
Clay Brands: Fimo, Sculpey, Cernit, CosClay, Papa’s Clay, Pardo
Location: IT
Physical Store:


Polymer Clay Latvia

Website: https://polymerclaylatvia.com/
Contact: Ilana Kosenko

Products: Polymer clay supplies, silicone molds, tiny cutters

Clay Brands: Sculpey, Cernit

Location: Riga, Latvia – Also ships worldwide.
Physical Store: Yes.



Website: http://moikosilkscreens.com/
Contact: Gosia Wawrzynczak

Products: silk screens, transfers

Clay Brands: None

Location: PL – Also ships outside of PL.
Physical Store: No.



Website: https://craftband.ru
Contact: Janna

Products: Polymer clay, Tools for creativity, Epoxy, Supplies for jewelry, Alcohol ink

Clay Brands: Fimo Products;Artifact

Location: RU – Also ships outside of RU.
Physical Store: Yes.

G.F. Art Store

Website: https://www.etsy.com/shop/GFArtStore
Contact: Albert and Alexandra

Products: Cutters, stencils, textures

Clay Brands: none

Location: RU – Also ships outside of RU.
Physical Store: No.


Angie Scarr Miniatures

Website: https://www.angiescarr.co.uk
Contact: Frank Fisher

Products: Moulds for miniatures and stencils for miniature flowers (for use with polymer clay and liquid clay mix)

Clay Brands: None

Location: ES – Also ships outside of ES.
Physical Store: No.


Website: https://irexartesania.com/

Products: Polymer clay and supplies

Clay Brands: Cernit, Pardo, Premo, Fimo Leather

Location: ES
Physical Store:



Website: https://hobbyrian.se
Contact: Karolina Soderberg

Products: Clay and tools

Clay Brands: Sculpey Products;Fimo Products;Cernit

Location: SE – Also ships outside of SE.
Physical Store: No.


Krafer’s Paradise

Website: https://krafersparadise.sg

Products: Fully stocked craft store

Clay Brands: Papa’s Clay

Location: Singapore – Ships worldwide
Physical Store: ?

The Outline Group

Website: https://theoutlinegroup.co
Contact: Chloe and Kenneth

Products: Cutters, clay, jewelry findings

Clay Brands: Sculpey Products, Cernit

Location: Singapore – Ships worldwide
Physical Store: No.


Website: https://overjoyed.xyz

Products: Fully stocked craft store

Clay Brands: Cernit

Location: Singapore –
Physical Store: yes

Tinkle Arts

Website:  https://www.tinkleartroom.com/

Products: Polymer clay supplies, esp for miniatures

Clay Brands: Sculpey and Fimo

Location: Singapore 
Physical Store: 

United Kingdom


Website: https://clayaround.com
Contact:Penny Vingoe

Products: All your polymer clay needs

Clay Brands: Kato Polyclay;Sculpey Products;Fimo Products;Cernit, Pardo

Location: UK – Does not ship outside of the UK
Physical Store: No.

Craft Cellar

Website: https://craftcellar.co.uk/
Contact: Natalie Fowler

Products: Polymer clay, tools, and accessories.

Clay Brands: Fimo Products; Sculpey Products.

Location: UK 
Physical Store: No.

EJR Beads

Website: https://www.ejrbeads.co.uk/shop
Contact: Emma Ralph

Products: Polymer clay supplies, tools and embellishments

Clay Brands: Cernit

Location: UK – Also ships outside of UK.
Physical Store: No.

Monkey Ann

Website: https://www.monkeyann.co.uk/
Contact: Ann Parker

Products: cutters / stainless steel; findings, wire and magnetic clasps / stringing materials / lace / tools

Clay Brands: None

Location: UK – Also ships outside of UK.
Physical Store: No.

Paper Story

Website: https://www.paperstory.co.uk/
Contact: Angie and Chris

Products: Art papers, mixed media supplies, pens, polymer clay

Clay Brands: Fimo, Cernit

Location: UK
Physical Store: No.

The Clay Hub

NOTE: Formerly called Clayground

Website: https://www.theclayhub.co.uk/
Contact: Karen Walker

Products: Cernit polymer clay

Clay Brands: Cernit and Darwi products

Location: UK
Physical Store: No.

Would you like your shop to be included? Please use the contact form to send me the relevant information. I will review your shop and offerings. Please include the number of years your shop has been selling to the polymer clay community. As this is a curated list, not every shop who contacts me will be included. Thanks for understanding.

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  1. Wow, this list is incredible. You did such a great job on this and I am sure it took quite a long time to do. Thank you so much for all these great resources. I’ve noticed Michael’s has lots of Sculpey III but I try to use it. You are so great for taking the time to do this. Thanks again.

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