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Hopefully you're full of ideas and the well never runs dry. But so many of us struggle with occasional times when we don't have any idea what to create or how to solve a design problem. We need polymer clay inspiration. In those cases it can be very helpful to look at the work of others and see if anything jiggles loose and idea or two in our own heads. 

Jennifer Sorensen – Artist Interview
Jennifer Sorensen of Wishing Well Workshop brings delight to her readers and viewers by sharing the most adorable scenes, fairy[...]
Explorations in Voice
What happens when two polymer clay artists, with very unique voices, create side-by-side with the same products? Find out in Explorations in Voice.
Artist Interview – Katie Oskin
You probably know Katie Oskin as the face behind Kater's Acres. But she's also a talented polymer clay artist, an[...]
New Opulent Tapestry Silkscreen Fun!
I had fun playing with the opulent tapestry silkscreen project recently. With the bright colors and fun designs, I was in creating heaven! Read more...
Faux Sea Glass Jewelry
Why is polymer clay faux sea glass often much better for making jewelry than using real seaglass? Learn more and see gorgeous examples of what you can make.
Artist Interview – Ivy Niles of iKandiClay
Love the work of Ivy Niles of iKandiClay? Read more about Ivy and learn what inspires her distinctive, intricate style of polymer clay cane making.
Beyond Stringing: Necklaces in New Ways
We tend to think of designing necklaces only in terms of stringing beads. Explore unique ways to create polymer clay necklaces beyond stringing.
Last Minute Christmas Gift
Every year I try to plan Christmas so that it goes off without a hitch and by the time Christmas[...]
Polymer Clay Pods
Have you ever noticed that polymer clay pods are a very common shape? Artists use the basic pod shape to showcase their unique surface techniques and styles. Click to see the featured artists...
Artist Interview: Staci Louise Smith
Staci Louise Smith is a talented bead and jewelry artist who works with polymer clay and metals, and is known for her organic, chunky, and innovative style. Read more...
How Do You Find Your Artistic Voice?
How do you find your artistic voice or style? You don't have to find it. You already have it. You already have favorite colors, favorite textures, things you like. Read more...
Is this a copy? Or “inspired by”?
Just when the latest brouhaha and accusations about copying and copyright infringement dies down, another one will start up and[...]
The Pens of Toni Ransfield
Last week I received a gift, a pen, and it impressed me so much that I wanted to introduce you[...]
Procrastination and Success…and more Rustic Beads
Do you work better with a deadline looming over your head, or do you prefer to have nothing pressuring you?[...]
Playing with my Pardo Translucent
In the US, here have been some supply issues with Pardo Translucent Art Clay, but I'm happy to say that[...]
The Right Way to Use Polymer Clay
When you were a kid in school, you learned that there was always one correct answer when you added a[...]
Artist Interview: Wendy Jorre de St Jorre
I've got a treat for you today. Wendy Jorre de St Jorre is an Australian polymer clay artist who started[...]
To Be An Artist
Just a quick post for you today. My dad is an artist, a metal artist. And he gave me this[...]
What is Sea Glass?
Sea glass is a popular material in jewelry making and you see it, and its cousin beach glass, available for[...]
Faux Roman Glass
I've been trying to spend more time in the studio lately and it's hard. I don't know if it's the[...]
Luminous Landscapes
I'm in the UK visiting family right now so this will be just a quick post. I wanted to let you[...]
8th Bead Soup Blog Party
A much-anticipated annual event, the Bead Soup Blog Party is a wonderful event in the beading jewelry world, hosted by[...]
Thrifting in Your Polymer Clay Studio
This month I teamed up with Katie from Kater's Acres to bring you a series on Making the Most of[...]
7th Do Over Challenge
Of all the challenges that I enter, my favorite is the Do-Over Challenge hosted by Jeannie K. Dukic of JKD[...]
Productivity in Your Polymer Clay Studio
It's the third week in the series Making the Most of Your Polymer Clay Studio. I've teamed up with Katie[...]
Make Room for your Polymer Clay Studio
We all love to look at pictures of gorgeous art and craft studios. We collect inspiration on Pinterest boards, hoping[...]
Making the Most of Your Polymer Clay Studio: No Matter Its Size
During the month of April, I'm collaborating with Katie from Kater's Acres to bring you a series on Making the[...]
Luck of the Irish – or – Polymer clay emergency crafting!
When you have a fully stocked crafting supply cabinet and especially when you work with polymer clay, you are well[...]
Finding a Gem of a Local Bead Store
In the beading and jewelry community there's a lot of talk and buzz about the Bead Soup Blog Party. It's[...]
Polymer Clay Box with Holo Effect Insets
One of my favorite things about writing polymer clay tutorials is getting to see what people make with them. When I[...]
Another Crop of Rustic Beads
Every time I make a batch of Rustic Beads, I am always surprised at how much fun they are. Each[...]
Valentine Heart Printable ClipArt
I loved Valentine's Day when I was a kid. I loved cutting out red hearts and gluing them to paper doilies.[...]
Rustic Polymer Clay Components
Because of Thanksgiving break here in the US, it's been a bit of an odd week. We had three work[...]
We’re not crafty people…
Last night my 14-year-old daughter had a friend spend the night and the evening's plans included watching a movie and[...]
6th Do Over Challenge
Today is the reveal and blog hop for the 6th Do Over Challenge. Organized by Jeannie K Dukic, the idea[...]
Antique Jeweler’s Tools
This past weekend we visited my parents for a nice weekend of labor day relaxation and conversation. It was good[...]
Things I learned from my cat about life and art
Some of my best lessons in life were learned by watching how my cat Getzger approaches life. Though arguably, he's[...]
Do you have a shower fairy?
When my husband Gary has worked on a frustrating project and is at a standstill and can’t think of a[...]
Rustic Components, Earrings, and a Surprise
Rustic Components In the studio, I've been busy making more Rustic Components. I am completely and totally in love with the[...]
Never compare your beginning…
I am not a jewelry designer. I just want to get that out there. Oh sure, I know a good[...]
Fantastic Millefiori Polymer Clay Work by Etsy Sellers
When I first got started with polymer clay way back in 2001, millefiori canes fascinated me.  Just like most people who[...]
Translucent Pardo Art Clay
Have you heard the news? Translucent Pardo Art Clay is the clearest translucent polymer clay on the market. Unlike other[...]
Does your life sparkle?
In a conversation with Gary a while back, we talked of what life is all about. He said that life[...]
Be Friends with Failure | Doodle Alley
Don't miss this fantastic blog, Doodle Alley. It's a "Picture Blog about Sustainable Creativity", and it's not to be missed![...]
A metalwork artist indeed
A few days ago I talked about my father's discovery of his artistic and creative talents. Here is a gallery[...]
Just something that happens…
My dad, Jim Davis, is an artist. He is only just now coming to realize this, at age 71. He[...]
Seeing Sunsets
Last week we walked out of Wal-Mart just as the sun was setting into a most extraordinary sunset. A brilliant[...]
You were born to do this
I took my daughter to get her driver's license yesterday. It was a process dominated by waiting parents and their[...]

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