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Here's a quick directory to the favorite articles from The Blue Bottle Tree, the polymer clay information and tutorials website.This website is over four years old now, and I have written several hundred articles of polymer clay information, product reviews, how-tos, product testing, tips, and tutorials. And over time those articles get buried in the depths of the website. All websites have this problem, of course, unless you can create some sort of a directory. If you need to find something I’ve written, you can always do a search for it in the search box at the top. The search function actually works very well…in fact I use it often myself. But I realized that it would be very helpful for there to be a page with the most frequently-read posts listed. This way you can find what you’re looking for quite quickly. And it’s a great way to catch up with old posts you might have missed. I’ve added a link to this page in the menu bar, and in the sidebar, too, so you can always find it easily.

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How To




Polymer Clay Brand Info and Reviews


Materials and Supplies

Thrifting and Saving Money

Artist Interviews

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