Polymer Clay Facebook Groups

polymer clay facebook groupsLove it or hate it, Facebook is where so many people spend their online time. The groups within Facebook are a great way to participate in community and share in your love of polymer clay. Not to mention, you can learn tips, tricks, get answers, and share inspiration in polymer clay Facebook groups.

While there are many groups, some better than others, I can heartily recommend these groups which I moderate and actively work to make sure they’re a great place to “be”.

  • Polymer Clay Success – All about polymer clay growth, whatever that means for you. It’s not a show-and-tell group, so the discussions tend to be more about concepts, solutions, and finding ways to grow your artistic practice.
  • Polymer Clay Q&A – Also not a show-and-tell group, this polymer clay Facebook group is for asking questions and getting answers. Or perhaps you like to help others with the knowledge you’ve learned. This is the place for that.
  • Polymer Clay Newbies – If you’re brand new to polymer clay, you’ll enjoy this polymer clay Facebook group you can get help with the beginnings and the basics.
  • Polymer Clay Cover-Ups – Like to cover things with polymer clay? Here’s where you can get help, ideas, and share your creations where you’ve used polymer clay to cover something.

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