Polymer Clay Box with Holo Effect Insets

One of my favorite things about writing polymer clay tutorials is getting to see what people make with them. When I write a tutorial, I always try to focus on teaching the technique rather than teaching a project. I want each reader to be able to take the information and skills they learn in my tutorials and then combine them with their own ideas to create art in a completely new direction, and in their own voice.

Here’s a wonderful example of this concept in action. Carrie Harvey from Beads from the Coast used the Holo Effect Tutorial to create these shimmery iridescent insets in this intriguing polymer clay box and matching pendant. Carrie says that she really loves the lid and I have to agree. It’s a great use of the Holo Effect. It makes it look like the box is glowing from within.

Polymer Clay box with Holo Effect insets made by Carrie Harvey from Beads from the Coast.

And now Carrie has inspired me. I had never thought of making a box with this technique, but it works beautifully. It looks so exotic, like it belongs on the table of a street vendor artisan selling his wares in a foreign market where the colors are bright and the sounds and smells are rich and full of life. I think it’s wonderful.

Just like we all have our own handwriting, we all have our own vision and artistic voice. Each of us interprets a technique in a new way. Do you have the Holo Effect Tutorial? What have you made with this technique? Would you mind posting your links in comments?

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    1. I’m glad you enjoyed it and I’m really glad that you were so inspired to make this great box. I’m happy to share it so others can see your great work!

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