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As a kid, I loved to read biographies because I found the human story fascinating. That's what I wanted to bring to you with these polymer clay artist interviews. Meet the artists, get acquainted with their work, and find out what inspires them. You'll even find out that they're just like you and me...real.

Allegory Gallery: Find bead stores when you travel
I like to find neat bead stores when I am visiting a new area. I loved meeting the guys at Allegory Gallery in western Pennsylvania.
Jennifer Sorensen – Artist Interview
Jennifer Sorensen of Wishing Well Workshop brings delight to her readers and viewers by sharing the most adorable scenes, fairy[...]
Artist Interview – Katie Oskin
You probably know Katie Oskin as the face behind Kater's Acres. But she's also a talented polymer clay artist, an[...]
Artist Interview – Ivy Niles of iKandiClay
Love the work of Ivy Niles of iKandiClay? Read more about Ivy and learn what inspires her distinctive, intricate style of polymer clay cane making.
Live Interview with British Polymer Clay Guild
During my recent trip to the UK, I was fortunate to visit with several polymer clay guilds and groups. At[...]
Artist Interview: Staci Louise Smith
Staci Louise Smith is a talented bead and jewelry artist who works with polymer clay and metals, and is known for her organic, chunky, and innovative style. Read more...
The Pens of Toni Ransfield
Last week I received a gift, a pen, and it impressed me so much that I wanted to introduce you[...]
Artist Interview: Wendy Jorre de St Jorre
I've got a treat for you today. Wendy Jorre de St Jorre is an Australian polymer clay artist who started[...]

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