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Box of baby wipes, an indispensable tool in the craft studio by The Blue Bottle Tree

Use Baby Wipes with Polymer Clay

A while back a friend asked me why I had baby wipes (aka diaper wipes) on my grocery list since my youngest child is 14. The simple answer is that I have found them to be so useful that I

Pin vise showing micro drill bits stored in handle.

Micro Drill Pin Vise – Indispensable Tool Series

When you work in any art, craft, or hobby, there are always those certain tools that change everything. Once you get one of these indispensable tools, you’ll wonder how you ever functioned without it! I’ve got a few of these

Rustic sunflower earrings made with polymer clay by The Blue Bottle Tree

More Rustic Components, Findings, and Beads

It’s been a productive week here at The Blue Bottle Tree. I’ve had great fun making Rustic Beads and Components. Some of them are connectors, or links, to be used in making necklaces. Others are smaller, and will be great

Rustic component connector made from polymer clay in the shape of a camellia for use in jewelry design.

New Rustic Components from Polymer Clay

***Update*** I’m proud to announce that I’ve released the Rustic Beads and Components Tutorial that explains how to make the beads in this post. I’m really pretty proud of it. Go check it out! I know I’ve worked mostly with

Comparison of superfine and regular microbrushes.

Hobby Store Find – Microbrushes

I usually find everything I need at craft, art, and beading stores. But recently I went to a small, local hobby store in search of small gauge metal tubing. This is the kind of store where they sell the materials

Necklace display, rectangular, suitable for hanging on the wall.

Necklace Display Wall Hanging

Recently I took part in a casual, informal art show at our church. Most of the works were displayed on the walls. Since my pieces are jewelry, and quite small, I had trouble thinking of how to display them. A

Necklace made with polymer clay tiles in a gradient or rainbow pattern but with a faux distressed finish.

Distressed Rainbow Polymer Clay Necklace

As I’ve stated before, I am a huge lover of color. I particularly love the interplay of colors and the way they combine to create a pleasing whole. I am particularly fond of a spectrum of colors such as a

Rainbow gradient disk bracelet made from Fimo polymer clay tinted with alcohol inks.

Coloring Translucent Polymer Clay with Alcohol Inks

I get a lot of questions about coloring translucent polymer clay. For a color junkie like me, one of my favorite art materials is alcohol ink. Alcohol inks are an intensely concentrated dye dissolved in alcohol. They are permanent and

Created with Pardo Professional Art Clay, this necklace shows how you can create designs that take advantage of the translucent properties and the clarity of color. www.thebluebottletree.com

Which is the clearest Translucent Polymer Clay?

Much has been said recently about Translucent Pardo Professional Art Clay. It’s a polymer clay that has been rumored to be the clearest translucent polymer clay on the market. I’ve worked with it, and yes, it is incredibly clear. But

Striped polymer clay earrings in colors of blue and green created with Lynda Moseley's Controlled Marbling Tutorial.

Experiments with the Controlled Marbling Tutorial

All last fall on Flickr and Etsy I kept seeing wonderful striped polymer clay pendants and earrings made by Lynda Moseley. First was her Southwest Landscapes Series. Then she started producing works with even more stunning color palettes with names

Delicate necklace with flakes of translucent clear plastic arranged on a thin cable. by The Blue Bottle Tree

Translucent Pardo Art Clay

Have you heard the news? Translucent Pardo Art Clay is the clearest translucent polymer clay on the market. Unlike other translucent polymer clay brands, Pardo trans doesn’t impart and yellowish color as it bakes. It’s also remarkably clear. It is

Polymer clay covered switch plate made with glow in the dark clay.

Glow in the Dark Switch Plate

Yesterday I made a polymer clay switch plate for our bedroom. Gary liked it. Lanie liked it. I didn’t like it. It was too saturated for the pale colors of the bedroom. So that switch plate now resides in Lanie’s

Gelatin print layered colors in blue and green.

Gelatin monotype prints

I’ve been following the work of a fellow AEDM participant, Roberta Warshaw, for several months now. She’s been working on collages but this week posted some pictures of her gelatin prints. Gelatin prints? What the heck are gelatin prints? Well,

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