Opulent tapestry pendants and ornaments made from polymer clay using silkscreens. Tutorial at The Blue Bottle Tree.

Opulent Tapestry with Polymer Clay

Beautiful, ornate jewelry and ornaments using silkscreens and polymer clay

Colorful, Rich Designs

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What People are Saying about the Opulent Tapestry Guide

Jenny Roya
Jenny Roya
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I’ve really enjoyed this tutorial and have become a bit obsessed with silk screening since. I think you can really give a professional look to your work so easily using this method. I’ve really enjoyed this technique and I’m still making different items using this process. Thanks Ginger, you are a treasure to beginners like me and this has given me so much pleasure.
Hilda Rodriguez
Hilda Rodriguez
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Excellent tutorial. Ginger tutorials are well written and very informative I learned so much. Ginger is my go to when I have a question. Thank you!
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I just finished Opulent Tapestry and had been mulling over a project I’m doing. The tutorial snapped me right back into place and I’m excited to use Ginger’s tutorial info to jazz it up. Is there anything Ginger doesn’t know about polymer clay and artistry! Hope Hunt
Sandy Oma
Sandy Oma
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This tutorial was beautiful. Easy to follow and I continue to use this technique to make other clay designs. My imagination is overflowing. Thanks Ginger!

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Opulent Tapestry with Polymer Clay

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