Open Studio – Thank you!

Thank you for volunteering to host an Open Studio session! You’re all set. Everything’s automated.

All you need to do next is be in the Insiders Workroom during the time slot you’ve chosen. This isn’t meant to be a formal meeting or even a chat like Drop-Ins. The idea is that anyone who wants company while they work can join the call. You might want to chat or you might not. It’s up to the people who are there.

I ask that your device is logged into the meeting during the whole time, but that doesn’t mean you need to be right there. Feel free to grab a snack, take a bathroom break, get something from another room. The idea is that if someone joins in, they’ll know they’re in the right place. (Empty zoom rooms are eerie!)

Once your time slot is up, feel free to keep working if you’d like. No sense shutting down a great conversation if one’s going on. The goal here is to enjoy ourselves and the camaraderie of being an Insider!

Want to see where the list of all the Open Studio events? Go here!

If anything changes and you can’t make it, please let me know and I’ll cancel the event. Feel free to schedule a new one for when the time makes better sense.

Thank you!

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