November’s Autumn Colors at The Blue Bottle Tree

This morning the day began with a brilliant blue sky and glowing colors. We still have a few leaves here and there and miraculously the fall color show is still going on. As I sat in my Sparkle Zone this morning with my coffee, I admired the back yard and wanted to get a picture. Of course once I got out there, the colors were just so wonderful that I couldn’t stop with just one picture. I do so enjoy all my blue glass in the sun. I hope you enjoy the colors, too.

This is also the Day 17 entry in my Art Every Day Month project.

12 thoughts on “November’s Autumn Colors at The Blue Bottle Tree”

  1. Beautiful! I did take an odd turn about the internet learning about the history of bottle trees before I found my way here. The colors here are so striking. I love the cobalt blue bottles. Where do you get yours? I have been looking for nice blue bottles like these, but have not found any.

    1. Aw, thank you. The whole bottle tree thing is fascinating, no? So many pretty bottle tree designs out there! I get most of my bottles from the recycling center. I just dive in and grab what I see when I’m taking my own recycling there. Plus I have a few friends and family looking out for them as well. Right now Bud Platinum beer comes in blue bottles and they’re excellent. The color is dark and saturated and the labels peel right off. I have plans to write a special section on building and growing bottle trees that would hopefully help people who are contemplating “planting” one.

  2. PS: Ginger, how do I navigate from here to finding back posts from previous days? Am I at your blog now? I still haven’t figured out how to navigate your several site areas…….a bit of a slow learner here. I seem to often end up at different places on the site and can’t find my way back.

    1. Nope, you’re not a slow learner. I’m still trying to figure out the best way to arrange information on this site and am somewhat limited by the constraints of the theme. In essence, the homepage has a long list of every post. And each of the areas are categories which contain selected posts. Supposedly ‘My Blog” is listing just personal things. But it’s all evolving. One thing’s for sure, though, if you get confused then there are more people who are confused as well, so that means I need to change something. Not sure how yet, but regardless, your feedback is very much appreciated! I’ll give it all some thought an think on how best to arrange everything.

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